Monday, July 27, 2009

This One's All About You

One of my TTTC sister's inspired me the other day to get to know more about YOU!

So for all my readers, whats your story? Are you TTC? Happily pregnant? Having trouble TTC? Also how did you find my blog?

I'd love to know more about you all, so drop me a comment and tell me a little about you : )


WantWait&Pray said...

Hi sweetie. We've been following each other since we started the BIG time fertility treatments....but a little background on us that you may not know. My dh and I have been together for 8 years, married 3 years and have been ttc since just a few months after our wedding. We didn't really start TTC but more-or-less decided to stop preventing. After we finally decided to go in for testing, I came back clear while DH was diagnosed with MFI. Numerous Dr appts, acupuncture appts and 2 failed IVF's and we're getting ready for our 3rd try. I found you through the nest and always love reading your posts. I am thrilled that you are pregnant and can't wait to follow you through the remainder of this blessed pregnancy! I hope to join you in the mommy club SOON! xoxo

PeasOut said...

Well, you already know me. But I'll play anyway!

I "met" Lisa on the internets in 2007 while we were both planning our wedding. Starting to TTC really brought us closer, and now we talk almost every day.

I had a previous ectopic pregnany in 2004, so I was Nervous Nelly to TTC now. After 6 BFN, we got our BFP!

Samantha said...

DH and I have been married since March 2008. I was on BCP for 8 years and went off in November 2008 and we started TTC, hoping to be pregnant around our 1 year anniversary. I started charting and joined Fertility Friend at that time. We got pregnant on our 4th cycle TTC in February 2009, and found out in March when I was about 4 weeks along. I'm almost 25 weeks pregnant and due 11/11 (same as Mya, who I met on FF and The Bump). I find most blogs through other people's blogrolls, so that must have been how I found yours!

Katie said...

I am katieranck2202 on TTTC so I had to gotten your blog off one the blog request post one day. I have PCOS and been trying since May 2005.

buddysmom said...

Hi,I just started reading your blog-I found it from the trouble ttc boards.I'm 27 and have PCOS,we have been ttc since 5/08 with no luck.DH had bad shape so hes now on clomid and its working!I didnt ovulate on clomid for 6 months and my doc was afraid I'd over stim on injections for an IUI so we moved onto IVF. We started our shots 7/3 and last week found out that my estrogen was too high and they were super afraid I was over stimulating so they monitored me for another week and yesterday we got the call that it would be best if we cancelled. Its bitter sweet,we would have done the ET this week but the quality of the eggs probably wouldnt have been that great. I enjoy reading your blog because I can relate.
Congrats on your baby!!

Chrissy said...

Hi Im chrissy, I found your blog from another blog I was reading about infertility. A lil backround about me. I've been married for about a year and ahalf, been w/ DH for about 7 years. We have been trying TTC for about a year and my first RE visit will be in a week. Your website has been very helpful to me! Congrats on your pregnancy!