Monday, August 24, 2009

20 Week Belly Pic!

So it turns out I am not very good at taking these regularly, but I went to have my DH take a new belly pic tonight only to find out that my camera wont even turn on. Its been on its last leg for a while, but now I officially need a new one. SO I had to take it with my phone, better than nothing right? Anyways, here is my belly now at 20 weeks 2 days. It has really grown a lot in the last week or two!

Oh and dontcha just love Kay's purple walls in her bathroom?Her favorite color of course!


bella1021 said...

awe sooo cute!!!!!

Tabitha said...

It's adorable!

PeasOut said...

It looks like her bathroom matches your phone. It could simply be a reflection.

You look great lady!

Jenni said...

YESSSSSS I love your belly - Its even cuter in person..