Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Started off like this, look at the sad/scared face (she had been crying all morning) seriously broke my heart!
But thankfully ended up like this!!

It was defiantly an emotional filled day that didn't start off so well. Kay, the night before, started to get nervous. Normal night before first day of "real" school jitters I thought, and she'll be fine in the morning. Well...that didn't happen. She was not fine in the morning, and DID NOT WANT to go to school. I mean, absolutely, positively, didn't want to go!! She was scared, wanted to stay with me, wanted to run errands with mommy, nervous to eat in the lunch room, wanted me to pick her up if she didn't like it..etc. etc. It really broke my heart to her her screaming crying while blocking the front door saying "Mommy I don't want to go, I just want to stay with you!" Because now, by law, I HAD to take her.

This was all so not like her. Kay is not shy one little bit, and doesn't suffer from any form of separation a matter of fact she is very outgoing and quite the social butterfly, so I knew it was all "fear of the unknown".

Once we got there, she was still a nervous wreck and opted to stay with me rather than go play on the playground with the other kids (which, again surprised me). I walked to to her class room when the bell rang to have a brief sort of orientation with the other parents/kids and her teacher. She sat on my lap and sobbed quietly. It was so hard for me to hold back the tears myself, because there was really nothing I could do or say to ease her fears at that moment.

After that, they took the class to the science room while the parents finished up. She went right along, no problems and just like that...with just a little distraction, she was fine! As a matter of fact, when they were headed back into the class room a little while later as I was leaving I stopped to see if she was okay and give her a kiss good bye. Her reply to me? "Ugh, hurry up mom!" Geez, sorry for cramping your style!! That was it. She didn't need me anymore. So I left, with tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe the day had finally come.

When I picked her up she was nothing but smiles and told me how much she loved it and how nice her teacher was, and how I was right and it was not scary at all. I was so thankful for that because one of the kids in the other class was STILL crying from when his dad left earlier that morning.

Anyways- I/we survived!! And although it was a painful beginning, it ended up great!


Tabitha said...

Oh dear...that first picture of her was so sad! It made ME want to cry! lol! I'm glad she had a good day though!

Samantha said...

Awww, I got all teary reading this! I'm so glad she had a good day. :)

bella1021 said...

awe... glad it all turned out ok in the end!!!


looking4#3 said...

Wow, it broke my heart to just read about it. Had me tearing up too!!! So glad it turned out well and she had a great day.

WantWait&Pray said...

Ohhhh she has such personality. That first pic was so sad...but the next pic was fabulous! She looks like she did GREAT! What a big day for your family!