Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Gone...

The Green Paper Bag that is!!

I have now donated the last of my leftover fertility drugs, so there was no need for it anymore. Yesterday, as I was shipping off the last box of follistim to a lovely nestie in Texas who is starting IVF # 3 (the lucky number 3 I might add!) before I handed the box to the UPS man, I rubbed the box on my protruding pregnant belly for some good luck and quietly said a prayer for her. I am sure the UPS man thought I was a complete nut job, but hey anything to help out a fellow TTTC'er! All I could think of is that I hope in some way I have helped someone else complete their dreams of becoming a mother. Because no amount of money, or having to pay all out of pocket for fertility treatments should stand in the way of that dream!!

Oh....and it's nice to have that part of my fridge back too : ) I hadn't seen it in so long!


Jenni said...

Thats awesome of you!! Good karma lady - Good Karma.:0)

WantWait&Pray said...

You are SO SWEET!