Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Kay!

My baby turns 6 today. sigh. Its all gone way too fast. We had her party on Saturday at Pump it Up and my friend Mya, who has been flexing her baking skills at cake classes, offered to make her cake! So of course I gladly accepted! It was a 2 tiered castle cake with purple frosting and all, and I must say it was quite delish! So thanks Mya! Kay had a fabulous time at her party with her friends and it was the first year I didn't have to really plan a big party (usually I pull out all the stops with custom invites and months of planning!) Although I love planning parties, it was nice to just show up and everything else be done! And I didn't even have to pick up cake ; )

Mya's Masterpiece!

Me, Miss M, and ...Mya in the background...Say Cheese!
Kay and Daddy
The Whole Gang

And since today is her actual birthday, I surprised her at school for lunch with Taco Bell (her fav) and cupcakes to share with her class. She was SO happy about that! It really made her day. She wore her crown to school today and the kids were so cute. They all made her feel very special! We saved the top tier of the cake for today and have just been celebrating her birthday all weekend pretty much : )

So Happy Birthday to my sweet Kay, I love you more than life itself. You gave me purpose when I had none, showed me the real meaning of life and love, and are truly my greatest accomplishment!


The Wilson's said...

Happy Birthday to Kay! Looks like she had a wonderful celebration! You look awesome too:)

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Beautiful cake! I love Pump it up, such a fun place for the kiddo's.

Since your such a good party planner maybe you can give me some ideas for E's 1st bday :) I know he wont remember it but I wanna do something special.