Thursday, April 1, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!

I love to dress my girls in more unique clothing, ya know..something different than what every other kid is wearing but usually this means paying boutique or department store prices! And well now that I have 2 little princesses to outfit and a mommy with expensive taste this equals disaster for my wallet...and my husband who simply doesn't understand why a 5 year old must have 5 different pairs of sparkly shoes or why a 3 month old must have monogrammed diaper covers and hair bows to match nearly every outfit.

So I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday when I discovered Naartjie (pronounced nar chee) while out shopping at local outlet mall. (I just looked at their site online it really doesn't give the cloths justice...its much cuter in person!) OMG everything has ruffles, and layers, and it was different! I like them mainly for Miss M, not so much for bigger girl cloths...but I did manage to score Kay a few outfits too. So I bought this

and this
and these

I mean how many pair of ruffly capri's can a 3 month old have for gods sake?! Apparently not enough according to me : )


The Wilson's said...

too cute! I will need a second job if we ever have a little girl:)

Jennifer said...

A three month old can NEVER have enough ruffled capris ;-)

If I had little girls, I'd be pulling the same stunt!

Amber and Brian said...

GAH! I love all of those outfits!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

How cute! E has more clothes than any child really should ever own. I mean he barely wears the same outfit twice in one month and thats usually only cause I really like it...I can't even imagine the damage I am going to do when we have a girl...

But I love your taste lady! Good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I hate how some women are raising their daughters to be entitled princesses. These are the same people who turn into the Mean Girls in adolescemce. Teach them values instead of focusing on superficial issues.

Anonymous said...

Princess implies born into royalty and entitled by dint of that birth. If that's how you feel, then at least own up to it.

So I would be damaging my child by not thinking of her as a princess or spending the GNP of a developing country on clothes for a 3 month old. If that will damage her, then bring it on.

PeasOut said...

Wow, Anon. You sure are making a lot assumptions. Or should I say grasping at straws? I'm curious to know how you are so informed about her parenting skills, and the values that her children hold?

Also, she never posted (or even hinted) at how much she spent on said clothing. Would you rather she let her girls run around naked so they aren't focusing on superficial things? I'd love to see what you dress your children (assuming you have any of course) since you are, apparently, the authority on what is acceptable.

No one ever said that not regarding your daughters as princesses would be damaging, but I think we can all agree that one of our goals as parents is to provide the best life possible for our children. To me, clothing is a necessity not a luxury.

Rhymes with Lettuce said...

Give me a break, Anonymous.

Are you really going to hide behind "anonymity" and hurl insults at a mother of two young girls for being able to provide them with nice things? She's not passing judgment on anyone, saying this is what other people should or shouldn't do or causing anyone any harm. She's not saying that what she's doing is any better or worse than anyone else, she's simply sharing her own life.

You're the one passing judgment and making assumptions. Anonymously, of course.

Both of your posts smack of projecting your own issues onto Lisa, her girls, and anyone else who exercises their right to give their children what they can and choose to.

I don't have kids yet, but I would HOPE that parents would want to give their children as much as they can - materially, emotionally, morally, spiritually, etc.

And for the love of all that is holy - princess, prince, angel, darling, sweetheart, miracle, gift, precious, blessing - who the hell cares what she refers to her children as? The term "princess" is used non-literally as a term of endearment all the time and you know it.

What do you want her to call her daughters? Brats, ankle-biters, rugrats, crybabies? I bet you'd have something completely different to say about it then.