Friday, April 16, 2010

Lucy La Rue

Is our beloved cat, well one of them, we have 2 but she is by far our favorite. But dont tell Baby that (our other cat, her son ironically). She has been a part of the family since Kay was a baby. She loves Kay and has always been protective of her, like the little mommy she is. Naturally, now that Miss M is around she loves her immensely too! It is very cute! She sleeps outside her door, just like what she did when Kay was a baby. But what does Lucy La Rue love more than Miss M herself? Well...that would be her stuff!
Exhibit A
Lucy lounging in Miss M's newborn napper
Exhibit B
Lucy lounging on M's changing table
And most recently...
Exhibit C
Lucy lounging in the basket of Miss M's stroller!
Oh and yes, I have caught her in the crib too, but I just haven't managed to snap a picture of her in that yet! I think its hilarious! Wonder what place she'll find to lounge next?

and just for old times sake...Lucy lounging on Kay!
Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Omg, so cute. my cat likes the bouncy but never the stroller, too funny!