Monday, April 26, 2010

New Purchases

This weekend Miss M hit the jackpot and got a few new fun things. First, I got her a Evenflo Triple Fun Jungle Excersaucer; which is really cool because later it breaks down into a activity table. We haven't put it together yet, but I am looking forward to see how M likes it as she grows and how much fun she is going to have in this thing. I wanna crawl in there, it looks quite entertaining!

I got her a new teether, a Nuby Softee "Hand". I thought she would really like this because it has the different fingers to chew on. Plus each finger has a different texture. It's soft and comes with a nifty carrying case! Hey, it's the little things that excite me ;)
And even though she isn't quite eating solids yet, I went ahead and bought these, Baby Cubes Storage Containers. I plan on making and pureeing most of Miss M's baby food, and love that these were individual containers with attached lids. There are so many options for baby food storage, but I liked the idea of these best. Because if we are on the go (which is often with an older child and a business to run), I can just grab one and go! I bought a set of the 1 oz. and a set of the 2 oz. so we'll how they work out once we actually start using them :) But I'm excited!

And because I couldnt forget about myself, and because I am a little obsessed with staying young, I picked up some Lancome GENIFQUE. I have never used this product before, but I use their moisterizer and love it. This is a serum you put on under your daily moisterizer. And thats what I need, something simple that I can work into my daily routine already. I have learned my lesson before by spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of products, for them only to sit there and never get used. So I hope it does what it says and "activates" my youthfulness. And its really fun to say... just sayin.


bella1021 said...

ohh let me know how the containers work out... Lil mr has started cereal already!!! I am soo not ready for this!!!hahaha!!

also have you heard of arbonne?? ( they have a really nice skin care line that will keep ya looking and feeling young too ;) I know 2 people that sell it and just had a make up party-- granted I have all of 1 thing from the skin care line right now.. but I need the quick and easy face stuff too!

Tiffany said...

Katelyn has the ABC Exersaucer and she loves it! It's fun to watch her bounce up and down and spin around trying to play all of the sounds at once. Looks like you had a good shopping spree! I've been wanting to make my own baby food and try out those containers.

Katie said...

We registered for that exersaucer! I know another friend that has it and loves it. I love how it's 3 things in one.