Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 Months

That's double digits people! It has been 10 months (and 10 days) since I gave birth to this beautiful little person. I cant believe that in 2 short months my little M pie will be 1- Craziness! Party planning has begun and lets just say there gonna be lots of glitter and glitz ; )

So in the last month Miss M has changed a ton! She's walking, and finally starting babbling! She says "Gaga" "Dada" and "Mmmmmmm" She is really trying and I swear the other day she said Bye-Bye. I also think she tries to say cup, it comes out "Guh". It's so cute! We are still working on Mama, and Baba, and practice with her all the time. She's a little late in the language department and that okay because she's been so ahead of the game physically. But now that she's at least babbling, I'm not worried so much anymore. One of her favorite things to do now is point....

She looks so gangster doing it too because she holds her arm up near her ear. We play a game every night at dinner where we say "Where's Mama?" and she'll point to me. "Where's sister?" and she'll point to get the idea. She's very smart! Its so awesome to see her learn new things and man this month she's really grown. She has 5 teeth now (just cutting her 6th). Two on the bottom and three on the top.

We were laughing until we were crying at that picture of her because she looks sooooo funny! She also started doing this thing where she shakes her head back and forth. I DIE. She loves going to Kindermusik and has really opened up there and she also loves Elmo! I DVR Sesame Street and let her watch it in the mornings as she drinks her morning bottle- although she doesn't really watch it for very long, but she instantly gets sucked in once Elmo is on. Its the only part she will really watch. Facts about Miss M at 10 months are:

- She weighs 19.3 pounds.
- She still eats anything and everything.
- She LOVES water. She drinks probably 8 oz. of water a day- out of her sippy of course. We don't even do juice because she really prefers water. Cold water too.
- She still drink (4) 6 oz. bottles a day.
- She eats 3 meals and 1 snack, all table foods. Her favorites are peas, waffles, blueberries (all fruit really), green beans, soy chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, avocado, and she loves tomatoes. Those are just some of her favorites.
- She still wears a size 3 diaper, we tried to move to 4's but she leaked. They are still a tad too big.
- She wears a size 12 month in cloths.
- She sleeps from 7:00 pm to 6:30 am.
- She still takes 2 naps a day, with her longest in the afternoon.
- We moved her into a convertible car seat, a new Britax Marathon 70  which we love!

She loves: to eat, take baths, Kindermusik, going for walks/runs with mom, swinging in her swing, dancing, playing with sister and daddy, and brushing her teeth.

She hates: getting her nose wiped, anything that requires her to be still, when I put her down (she really likes to be held by me and follows me from room to room), and wearing socks. I cant keep socks on this kid- she pulls the right off!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have the Britax facing backwards? I'm still squeezing my baby (she's a week older than Miss M) into her carrier seat and she'd probably love the Britax.

Lisa said...

Yes, she is rearfacing! She loves it! She sits much higher now and its so much easier to get her in and out of.

Jessie said...