Friday, November 12, 2010

Buttercups and Babycakes

I'll let you figure out which on is which : )

God, I've turned into such a picture whore these last couple years. Yesterday, I had a friend of mine who is also a photographer come over to take our family portrait and had her take a few shots of the girls too! It's so funny because I never really had professional pictures before last year. I always went to Kiddie Kandids, or Portrait Innovations for Kay's pictures, but I realized I still spent a ton of  money at those places ordering prints! And for the same price (or a little more) I can have a photographer come to my home or meet on location for some much better quality photos. I can print only the ones I want and love! So like I said, I've turned into a total picture whore. Its art, its my family, its my life in those photos! I've decorated my home beautifully in black and whites and color images from all our previous shoots! I've captured beautiful memories and will cherish them forever. It's some of the best money I spend!!

We will be using the family portrait in our Christmas card this year I cant wait to see them! And I promise I'll share when I do!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


Amy said...

adorable! I'm the same way! I spend money once at a portrait place and decided it was my last!!

Momma Wilson said...

OMG! Those are absolutely gorgeous. Y'all are going to need to give those girls a little brother to help fight off the boys when they are older:)

melifaif said...

Those pics are killer. Just a gorgeous fam you have! I agree.!!!!

Amber and Brian said...

Love, love LOVE them!

I agree. You will spend about the same amount having a photog come to you, then taking them to the picture places. Plus I feel like they're more original and personal this way.

Brooke said...

Its true. Those places get you in the door with a 9.95 package but if you really want anything more then a basic shot you will pay out the nose. Those pics are very sweet.

Patty said...

K is gorgeous as always!
Oh look at M's legs all stretched out and toes pointed! I just want to eat her up!

Amanda said...

You have such a gorgeous family! These pictures are amazing!