Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Year, New Baby?

Okay so the title might be a LOT presumptuous. But  I do have some news to share with you... I called me RE's office on Friday! I've been thinking about this for some time as you know, but finally had the courage to call. I called around 1:30 pm and it went a little something like this

Girl on the other end: "Thank you for calling.....can I place you on hold for a moment"

Me: "Sure"


Yep, like a school girl calling her crush I panicked and hung up the phone.

3 hours later I called back. This time I didn't hang up. I told them I wanted to set up a consultation with my RE for sometime in January. Now, this does not mean in any way that we are hopping back on the baby wagon just yet. I mean I haven't even told my DH I called yet! I just want to see what our options are, THEN maybe we will decide when, how, and if ever we will pursue # 3. Who knows, he may say that with 2 crappy frozen sperm samples IUI's are out of the question, and that would really put a hault on all this. We simply cant afford to do IVF at this time. Remember we are all out of pocket, and a simple IUI cycle is 770.00 without meds! And there is no way we would put my husband through everything we did to get Miss M here (and who's to say that would even work again). It would be use the frozen sperm or nothing.  I'm also curious if I would have to do all my testing again, so there is lots and lots to talk about.

I do plan on telling my DH that I made the appointment soon- I'm just looking for the right time. WHY oh WHY is this so hard for me? I mean obviously this isn't going to go anywhere until we have some serious talks about it, but I find the whole situation so hard to confront. I mean I hung up on my RE's office for gods sake!! What does that tell you?!

I'll keep you posted on the progress. My appointment is January 3rd!


Kristen said...

Oh yay! Good luck! :)

Ann Armenta said...

Hoping and wishing for BOTH of us girl :D

Momma Wilson said...

wow, this is super exciting:)if you made the appointment, even after the prank call, I think you're heart wants another!

Brooke said...

Doesnt it kinda make you wonder what it would be like to just "pull the goalie" and go for it!! It is pretty exciting to think about another baby. My Grandma told me the other night that she will start praying for a baby sister for C in a few months :) So funny.

Dana said...

How exciting Lisa! I wish you the best of luck, keep me updated!

maria said...

How exciting! I think I found your blog from the TTTC board on The Bump and you got pg right before I did, so Miss M is about a month older than my son. I too am thinking about making the call to the RE's soon. I'm worried though because now I am on my husband's insurance which doesn't cover ANY IF treatment, so I don't know if we'll be able to do anything since I am now a SAHM. Good luck to you though and yay for making the call! :)