Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We Are Under Attack

By the Rotavirus aka the stomach flu. My god it is so terrible to have two sick kids at once. Just terrible. It all started Sunday- Miss M threw up at breakfast, and then again 2 more time that day along with the.worst.diarrhea.known.to.man. Seriously she went probably 10 times that day :( I was able to ward off any diaper rash though, so that's good. Monday, she stopped vomiting but still had the horrible diarrhea. Tuesday the diarrhea was just as bad; She shit out her car seat, high chair, and 4 sets of cloths. This is her first real sickness. She's drinking fluids, but doesn't have much of an appetite but I have managed to get her to eat some.

Last night the situation got a whole lot worse. At 12:30 am Kay crawled into my bed, she didn't say anything just snuggled in. I figured she had a bad dream or something....until 12:46am when she started violently puking all in my bed. So there we were changing sheets in the middle of the night. Poor thing kept saying she was sorry, I felt so bad for her. No one like to be sick like that. It didn't end there because she also threw up at 1:30, 2:02, and 4:00am. It was a rough night to say the least.

So far, today only M has the dirreah still. Kay hasn't thrown up again. Neither are eating much, but I am pumping them with fluids, pedilite freezer pops, and snuggles while praying I don't get it! I don't have time to be sick with hosting Thanksgiving and all....and I just really want my babies to get better.

Rotavirus GO AWAY!


Ann Armenta said...

Awww poor things!!! Hope they both feel better!

Jennifer said...

Oh no!! Feel better, girls!
Have a very happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone is feeling their best on Thursday :)