Monday, February 7, 2011

1 Year!


Lets just call this is 1 year update, cause really my little lady is really 13 months old now :) and my oh my are we full of toddlerness. Is that a word? Toddler-ness? Because that what she is. And I am loving every minute of it. She is so much fun and learning and exploring new things everyday. She is always trying to keep up with her sister, and even though they are 5.5 years apart- they love playing together!  They read books, play house, build blocks, its great! Its what I laways dreamed of. And beleive it or not, they do fight already. Kay will have something that M wants, and she may be 1, but she'll fight for it! It's funny.

She still isn't actually talking much, but has learned to communicate. For example; when she is hungry or wants a snack she will go to the kitchen cabinet and bring you the box of cheerios, or animal cookies. It's adorable. Or when she is thirsty, she will go to the fridge and say "CUH, CUH" (her cup).  She's gained some iindependence, but doesn't quite understand what no means. She's always on the go and wants to explore the world around her. She's not shy, or easily scared but she's a "thinker" like her daddy I can already tell. She imitates a lot now, she will act like she's talking on the phone, or pick up a brush and act like shes combing her hair. Or she will mock her sister. Love this girl and love this age! WORD!

- She weighs 19.6 pounds (25th% and is 28 1/2 (50th%) inches long with her big 95th% head still. She dropped from the 50th in weight (she has always been 50th % for weight) down to the 25th and i was shocked! Literally shocked! This one seriously eats more than my 6 year old- she eats like a  moose! Dr is not concerned at all because she has been walking since she was 9.5 months and because she is such a busy little bee. He said it is quite normal for babies to have a dip from the 9-12mth range because of the increase in activity level. And she is VERY active!

- She wears size 4 diaper and 12-18 month cloths.

- She has 10 teeth!! 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, and she just cut her top 2 molars! She's a teething machine I tell ya. See's getting ready to cut the 2 molars on the bottom as well. Any day now...

- He does babble, but doesn't say very much yet. She does say cup, cat, and mama on occasion, and Uh Oh when she drops something which is the CUTEST thing btw! y favorite.

- She has become very attached to her blankie over the last month or so. I promised myself that with this one, I wasn't going to allow her to take it out of the crib, that it would only be for nap and bed times because I have spent COUNTLESS hours in my life playing "find the blankie" including the most infamous time at SEA WORLD. Kay is still attached to her lovie (only at bedtime now), but boy it so stressful trying to get it from her to even wash it when she was little. But now, little M stands at her crib and cries for it, which is what I'm sure Kay did. So of course I gave in and let her have it. There went that rule. BUT because I learned my lesson the first time, I bought 2 of the exact same one and we rotate them equally so she doesn't know the difference! She like linus with her blankie : )

- We switched to milk in a sippy and ditched the bottles! I am so proud! She wasn't too attached to the bottle, nor did she rely on it to go to sleep so it was just a matter of doing it.  The first 2 days I offered her milk in her sippy at meal times instead of her usual water (which she LOVES btw), and she wasn't too interested at first. But by day 3, she was drinking milk out of her sippy with no problems. WHEW. What a relief!

- She gives kisses, and is very friendly and social with other kids. She will crouch down and get right in there face. So funny. And at Kindermusik, she likes to stand right in the middle of circle time ; )

- She eats EVERYTHING, but isn't a fan of scrambled eggs. That's the only things we've found so far that she doesn't "love".

- She sleeps from 7:00pm-7:30am and still takes 2 naps per day for the most part. Although, I see 1 nap in our future.

- She loves: blocks, stacking things, elmo, books, baby dolls, and Little People! She also loves cold water, music, other kids big and small, her blankie, being outside, necklaces, hairbrushes, and dinner time :)

-She hates: Getting dressed, when I leave, and when she cant play in her sisters room!

I started writing this post on January 19th btw... 


Jaye said...

I can't believe how grown up she is!
She's getting so sassy (in a totally good way!) and has such a huge personality.
You've got such great girls Lisa!

Scrambled Egg said...

Too cute! Happy one!

Jennifer said...

'Better late than never' I always say! She's gotten so big (and has so many teeth!) She's definitely a little beauty :)