Monday, February 14, 2011

Under Attack

Both my kids are very sick.  We've had a rough week around here, each day getting worse and worse. We will start with Miss M. This is her first real illness, besides just a little cold here and there. Then Kay ended up very sick. If you follow me on Twitter then you already know, but if not here is a break down of the crazy madness. Someone pass the vodka....

Last Sunday: Miss M was just fine, despite teething she was happy, no runny nose, nothing!

Monday: She woke up with a cough and runny nose. No biggie I thought, probably just a cold and she's teething.

Tuesday: She woke up with a fever, her cough turned into a nasty wheezing cough, and she was having a really hard time breathing. I still thought she was probably okay, but decided to take her in just to make sure she didn't have RSV since that is really going around right now. I'm glad I did because she not only have an ear infection that I had no clue about, but she also has bronchitis. They gave her a breathing treatment, a prescription for antibiotics, and an oral albuterol, and told me to come back if she got ANY worse.

Thursday: We woke up, and she was worse. She was having a very hard time breathing, heavy wheezing, still running a fever, and was just miserable. I immediately called the pedi back and brought her back in. This time, they gave her a new stronger antibiotic, and gave us a breathing machine to take home. We were told to give her a breathing treatment very 4 hours for the next 2 days, and then bring her back for a follow up.

Although the oral albuterol did help, the breathing machine worked much better! After 1 day on the new antibiotics, she was improving a little, which is so good because it was starting to get scary (her coughing and inability to breath). The breathing treatments were hard, mostly because she has to sit still for 5 minutes, but after the first few she got used to it. It was so hard to see her that way.

Saturday: Took M to her follow up appointment and she was feeling much better! Her ears had improved a lot, and although still wheezing, her breathing was better. We were told to be prepared to use the breathing machine for up to a week more, but that she was looking good.

If your keeping track this is pedi visit # 3 for the week.

So finally she is on the up and up, even though she also just cut tooth # 11 and 12, her bottom molars. I kept saying she didn't deserve all this because she was so sick AND was teething :(

All this time, Kay had a little dry cough- no biggie, and no other symptoms. I did my best to try and keep them from sharing germs but with 2 kids its almost impossible. The second after the Dr. told her not to share with her sister, she grabbed M's lollipop and put in her mouth! Impossible!

Sunday: Kay woke up with a scary 104.6 fever. She was on fire, her face beat red, and she was miserable. I immediately gave her a cold rag and a dose of ibuprofen and prepared to take her to the urgent care. That's a scary high fever to me, and according to the mom bible aka my Dr. Spock book- the higher the fever, the more likely an infection other than just a cold. I knew with a fever that high something else was going on. And I was right. They tested her for strep throat and she came up positive right away. Oh boy...

Keeping her fever down was a real challenge, but we managed with a mixture of ibuprofen AND acteometiphin. She's on antibiotic now too and woke up fever free today so that good! We've spent some time in the my steam shower to help with her hacking cough, and had a few fights over taking medicine...

But the poor thing had to miss school and her Valentines Day ice cream party today and was really really upset about that. But she seems to be improving a little with the help of homemade chicken soup and lots of cuddles, so she should be good to go back to school tomorrow.

So we've had just about every illness at my house this week; strep throat, bronchitis, and ear infections. We've got it all!

Oh and in case your were wondering, I've spent 243 dollars this week on co pays and prescriptions. Thank god we are financially okay, because that's a huge unexpected cost!! But hopefully the worst has passed and we will all be better soon. We've been stuck in the house, I'm exhausted, and I hate seeing my poor babies sick :(


Momma Wilson said...

you and your poor girls! I would have freaked out with that high of a fever too. I hope your little loves continue to get well:)

Amy said...

Yuck. Poor girls and poor momma. Get yourself a drink, stat! :) Hope everyone stays healthy! We have had some beautiful weather the past few days, hopefully nasty winter and all the germs are gone for good!

Amy said...

Ugh!! We've been dealing with the wheezy awful cough/bronchitis too. Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time, so we already had the breathing machine. I took Jackson to the doctor for something different, but the doctor was bothered more by the cough and prescribed extra oral medicine too. Jackson hated it when he was little and cried the whole time. Now, he cries when I tell him "no" he can't do the medicine right now. I hope things continue to look up for you!

Dana said...

I hope everyone feels better over there soon! Didn't you have a post titled under attack a few months ago when the girls had Rotavirus or something?! Here's to hoping you have no more "under attack" blog posts! :)

Lisa said...

omg Dana, your right!! I forgot all about that! I guess this is M's 2nd "real" illness!

Everyone is getting a little better each day, thankfully!

Yeast Infection said...

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