Thursday, February 10, 2011

M's Snowflake Themed First Birthday Party!

I am finally getting around to going through all of the party pics from M's birthday party and wanted to share. I think the party turned out fabulous!! We enjoyed every moment and we were happy to spend the day with our closest friends and family members celebrating M's first year of life!!

Sweets table with personalized favor bags.

Snowflake/M cookies

Cake Pops

Food: Everything small and prepared by me! I wanted it to be finger food, but be enough to fill people up. I ended up making mini cheese burgers, mini pigs in a blanket, and turkey roll ups (not pictured). I also saw this idea and loved it! Much cuter than a regular veggie tray, it was a huge hit! People could just grab a cup and go! So cute.

Caprese salad and fruit skewers (not pictured).

Smash cake!

YAY for cake!


Amanda said...

Everything looks beautiful!!

I LOVE the last picture - she looks soo happy! :)

mary ann nopre said...

you had a very successful birthday party based on the pictures. happy birthday baby! :)

Jamie said...

SOOOOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing. BTW, very cute idea for the veggie cups.

Kristi said...

So Cute! And love your idea of everything being finger food!

Ann Armenta said...

She is just so precious it's not even funny! SO CUTE!

Momma Wilson said...

precious pics, looks like a great party! the food looked awesome:)

SpontaneousMom said...

Great job! love the veggie cups- great idea! and Miss M is too too cute!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Her party looks perfect! The colors are so pretty together.

But, now I am hungry looking at all that good food!

Amy said...

I love love all the details. She's pretty darn cute herself too. brady has a crush :)