Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Up With 14 Months?!

Can someone please tell me that? Because up until about a week ago, we were smooth sailing and now I have a toddler that's throwing herself on the floor, doing the back arch, and throwing tantrums left and right. I was thinking about this yesterday and it seems like at 14 months something happens. I have heard other moms mention it wondering if it was "possible for a 14 month old to start throwing tantrums, or if it was normal to start this early". So I think it seems to be a normal part of development around this age.

Maybe its because they cant verbally communicate their needs and wants? Maybe its that combined with growing independence? Or maybe they just don't like being told NO, or having something taken away and they don't know how to process it yet? Either way I think its a normal part of development and its all going down at our house! I am sure it doesn't help that she is getting 4 molars at the same time. They have all cut through the gums, but boy those suckers are BIG and MEAN and they like to take their time coming in.

Here is a fit in real time action:

Pulling Kay's hair..

How dare you!

All Done! This is actually her sign for all done..too funny.

Generally she is a very good baby, very loving, sweet, and happy. But right now if she if you have something she wants, she'll scratch you, slap you in the face, pull your hair, then fall on the floor like you did something to her! So we are working on teaching her to be "Nice and Gentle" to others. Kay doesn't help either because a lot of times she will tease her with something that she has, We are working ont hat as well.

I decided since she turned 1 that I wouldn't do her monthly update anymore, but rather do it every 3 months. So I thought I would jot down some things about Miss M now at 14 months! Because its not all bad ;)

-Last time we went to the Dr. when she was sick she weighed 20lbs. 10oz.
-She says Uh Oh, cup, mama, dada, cat, and she really tries to say Kay and thank you.
-She can now go down the stairs and get off the couch by herself. This is HUGE!
-She will blow when you wipe her nose, which makes things a lot easier.
-She understands simple commands. If you ask her to go get something, or put something she will do so.
-She is also learning her body parts. She knows her eyes, nose, and belly so far.
- As I stated before she has 12 teeth, including 4 molars.
-We are debating on whether or not she is going to have curly hair like her sister. Sometimes it curls right up, another times its straight.
- She has grown to love milk from her sippy, she drink at least 1 1/2 full sippies of milk per day with her meals. And she still eats everything!
-She really showing more and more personality and independence each day.


Brooke said...

Ok the fact that she can go down stairs and blow her nose is amazing! I have found that signs help allot when it comes to avoiding tantrums. You are so right it is normal and has allot (if not all) to do with their lack of ability to communicate needs. I am just working on not panicking and giving him anything and everything to try and calm him when he does that. I am right there with you on this little toddler roller coaster!

JeeanFoxy said...

Her room is so cute! Fit for a princess.

Jenni said...

LOL.. I think I remember this wonderful stage with T. and I think it was right around this time. I also remember posting in my blog about this to.. So weirdhow they have certain meltdowns at certian points of there lives.
Tantrums are nuts. Right now we are going through tantrums two fold with T. Just another phase. =/

Amber and Brian said...

haha! Those pictures are hilarious! Probably not so hilarious when you're dealing with the tantrums though.

Kristen said...

We are all too familiar with the 14 month tantrums here in the Whitenack household!

Amy said...

um, yep. That is going on rampant in our house too. He's getting dramatic with it too :)