Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My twitter page is pretty lonely.! So I thought you like to know the reasons why I think you should follow me!

1.) I don't always get to post on my blog, but twitter is at my fingertips on my phone so I'm always on there.

2.) I almost always post my daily meals on my twitter, with pictures!! Maybe I'm the only weirdo who likes to see what other people are eating, but I also love to see pictures of what people are eating. This is great is you are also dieting, because I eat pretty healthfully and it will give you a chance to SEE what I eat every day! For example; I posted a picture this morning of my breakfast which was scrambled egg whites with a side of black berries!

3.) I upload tons of pics of my girls that I don't post here.

4.) I also like to follow people who follow my twitter/blog!

5.) My twitter is public!

So if you are on twitter, follow me and I will follow you back! I do block spammers though, and speaking of spammers, why doesnt twitter have a better way to filter them besides going private? It's so time consuming to go thought and have to manually block people. I hate that!

Happy tweeting everyone!


JeeanFoxy said...

Followed you :)

The Momma said...

I'll follow you if you follow me :)

Oskarsmomma is my twitter name

Amber and Brian said...

I don't "get" Twitter. I've tried. I don't really understand how it works and all that.

Josie said...

You're really not that interesting.

Lisa said...

Well then you really dont need to follow me!