Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Reason Why

It don't think I have ever shared why I don't share my girls' names here on my blog..and its probably not the reason you would think. So I've been meaning to write a post to give you some insight as to why I choose not to share their names publicly here.

When I started this blog, I was in the depths of dealing with infertility and this was my place where I could come and let it all out. When you are going through that you don't exactly want to shout it from the roof tops, so you feel very isolated with your feelings. Blogging became my outlet and also allowed me to connect and get support from others dealing with IF. Although now, I don't keep my struggle a secret and I feel much more comfortable with being an "infertile" (that's a whole other post in itself). Probably because I've had success after IF. As a matter of fact when people ask me if and when "I'm gonna try for that boy!" my response is "well we had a hard time having M, so I am not sure if its in the cards for us". That usually shuts people up :) 

The point is, this blog was a secret place for me. No one in my real life read or even knew I had a blog. So in efforts to keep it that way, I didn't share Kay's full name.

After M was born I briefly thought about announcing her and Kay's name on the blog, because I don't not share it because I don't want YOU to know what their names are...Its because I didn't want people in my real life to be able to google "Kay..... and M....." and my blog pop up. Make sense? And to this day people in my real life don't know I blog. I'll share my life with complete strangers, but not my friends and family. I know, I'm a weirdo but it is what it is.

So that's the reason why! Hopefully now it wont be such a mystery. 


Lalla said...

I don't think your reason is weird.

I have my blog preferences set so that people cannot use a search engine to find this blog or my daughter's name. I do have people that know me following, but it's only by invitation.

My sister has 2 blogs. 1 she doesn't share with anyone because it's her personal outlet. The other is for friends and family.

maria said...

Great picture of your girls!!! They are so cute!

Love the response when people ask about trying for a boy. I've been using that one as well and it does usually shut people up!

Amber and Brian said...

I don't think that's weird. I think it's weirder when people don't share them just because they're paranoid about child molesters knowing their kids names or something. haha. I know people like that, and to each their own, but I feel like it's a little over paranoid.

This I totally understand, because other than you girls, none of my family or real life friends (actually I take that back, my SIL and FIL read my blog, which I don't really like, but oh well) don't even know I have a blog.

Ann Armenta said...

I agree with your reasoning as well. I had to make my new one cause of the people in my life. Its weird when it's easier to share with strangers than those IRL!