Monday, April 6, 2009

100th Post!

Yep, this is my 100th post on my blog! 100 posts about evil infertility mostly. I am sure my story doesn't end here, so hopefully all of you enjoy reading my blog and my hope is that I can help/support someone going through the same thing. I enjoy reading every ones comments, and I am really grateful for the support you give me. Its nice to know I have people out there that are rooting for me, and know what I am going through. My blog has also allowed me to find some of your great blogs and follow your stories through this process of trying to make (or grow) a family.

I cant believe how many of "us" are out there. I don't think anyone really knows unless they have been touched by infertility in some way. My goal is to change that. I want people to know that is a real problem, I want people to know that they can talk about these issues, I want people to not feel ashamed or feel like they have to hide their infertility (including myself), and most of all I want us all to have healthy babies!

So thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart!!! And keep posting on your blogs and commenting people...I am reading!

P.S. today is CD 1 : )


Amy said...

Hi, This is Amy. Glad to hear from you. I will be using Bravelle injectables with iui. I have done 5 clomid cycles and 3 of those were iui's. How many iui's have you had?

Cassie said...

I totally agree with wanting people to know about infertility. I feel like it is something that more people need to be educated on and made aware of. It is nothing to be ashamed of and should be recognized as a legitimate medical condition.

Lisa said...


Thanks for sharing!! This will be my 3rd IUI, and I will either be using clomid and follistim ,or just follistim. I will know tomorrow which protocol I will use this cycle. I HOPE I can say good bye to the clomid...I hate the hot flashes.

Amy said...

I didnt feel like I had any symptoms from the Clomid and I hope I dont with the Bravelle. Both Clomid and Follistim? I have never heard of that. I wonder why some RE's use some meds and others use different meds. I always wonder too if the others are better than what I use. I guess I should just quit worrying and trust the doctors. What was your reason for struggling with IF?

Amy said...

Hey, I just asked what your reason for If was and read it later. I have annovulation too. Did you have the surgery to find out?

Stefanie said...

Hi there,

Infertility is definitely not easy to deal with, and you're so spot on when you say there is a lot of "us" out there who struggles with this, and there is so little who truly understands what we deal with.