Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hello Follistim Pen!

I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I love it because it really is so easy to use and doesn't hurt one bit and I hate it because no matter how many of these I have done before I still cant manage to do the shot myself. And no one likes getting shots...I mean only a sadistic person or a junkie would, well that and maybe a person desperate for a baby! Anyways, I always chicken out at the last minute and have my DH do it. We all remember these photos from my first experience, and although it looks like I was doing the shot myself, I didn't...I backed out. Maybe one day I will finally give my own shot, until then its my DH's job! He joked tonight that Kaylee is going to think this is how babies are made...mommy and daddy give themselves shots and then comes a baby! We had to lock ourselves in the bathroom as she pounded on the door wondering what we were doing in there as I stood in front of the toilet as my husband sat there and stabbed (with a dart like motion!) a needle into my stomach. So not my idea of baby making.
Anyways, today is CD 4 and 2 doses of clomid and 1 shot down so far! And I am happy to report no hot flashes yet...although I don't usually get them until around 3 days after taking the first pill so we'll see if they start tomorrow.


Jenni said...

OMG - you make me crack up!!! You can't stick yourself but your ready to push a watermelon out your who ha!! heehee..

♥Tabitha said...

So exciting! lol! I hope this is it for you! (I'm dreading my Shots in July too!)

bella1021 said...

Fingers crossed!!!!!

Hopeful34 said...

Good luck Lisa!!! I really hope this works for you. AND I agree the shots suck! I'm hoping this last natural attempt works as I am not looking forward to doing that again. PLUS i'm not using Follistim anymore...i'm using bravelle and Menopur. I will have to draw,squeeze,push and swirl!! LOL...i'll feel like a chemist. But follistim didn't work for me (I did respond & had 4 follies but no prgncy) so i'm hoping Bravelle does the trick. ALOT of people get prg on follistim though. GL!!!