Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Update: CD 10

I am now on CD 10. Stopped the clomid a few days ago, and took my last shot of Follistim on Monday night. I go in tomorrow for my follie check, but I am not expecting too much at this point. No achy ovaries I cant have that much going on, but we shall see. I am on my third day of OPK's (of course all negative so far) and that's pretty much it. I will have more to report after my date with the dildo cam tomorrow!

I do want to say that I usually get a bruise and am very sore at the injection site after every.single.shot in the past and this time NOTHING. No bruise, no soreness, nadda! I couldn't believe it and even made sure my DH was actually shooting me up. Of course he was, but that got me wondering and I think I have figured it out.

When I was on follistim before I was also on baby aspirin and a shot of low dose hcg everyday, so it was wither the baby aspirin that was causing it or the other shot. Either way, these have been a breeze!! YIPPIE!


the d'angelo family said...

I didn't have any bruising either with the Follistim. Also - I didn't have any achiness in the ovaries either while on it...but still had a nice big one on the right followed by a slightly smaller on the left. Don't get yourself're still in the game!

Good luck at your follie check and I look forward to your update!

bella1021 said...

definitly still in the game!!
glad to hear that the shots are easier!!!!

The Wilson's said...

hope tomorrow goes well, can't wait to read about it! i didn't have any achiness on follistim at all either!

Hopeful34 said...

Lisa!! GL with your follie check. Thanks for wishing me to feel better too. i do feel better today and thankfully it wasn't strep!!

LOL on the dildo funny

ps i didn't have any achy ovaries and i had 4 good follies.

Hopeful34 said...

Did my post come through?? What the heck??

Hopeful34 said...

Lisa! I don't think my previous posts went through as I can't see them?? Anyway thanks for the well wishes. I feel much better today and thank god it wasn't strep!

LOL on the dildo cam..

I didn't have any achy ovaries either on follistim. GL with your follie check!!

Lisa said...

heehee Hopeful : )