Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

For my new readers here are the ABC's of me : ) Thanks Happy Hours for the idea!
Alaska, where we are cruising next month! So excited!
Baby-less since 2007.
Clomid. That evil bitch.
Dildo cam!! That thing gets more action than my husband!
Exuberant...or at least I think I am.
Follistim. My new best friend!
Guilty, is how I feel about not being able to give Kay a sibling.
Hcg. It is what my DH takes for his MFI and it has worked like a charm!!
IUI's, I am currently 3dpiui #3
July 2007, when we started TTC.
Kay, my beautiful 5 year old daughter
Lisa, my first name : )
Male factor, which is what my DH has. (low testosterone, count, motility, and morph)
Needles, I am a human pin cushion.
Ovulatory dysfunction, which is what I have. Great.
Progesterone supplements, gotta love them!
Quixotic, that's me!
RE, most of you know what this is unfortunately.
Secondary infertility. Who would have known?
Texas. Where I was born.
U/S, again a little too familiar with these.
Vegetarian. I don't eat any meat, eggs, or dairy!
Weight gain, which is a ugly side effect that clomid has given me.
Z okay...I admit I couldn't think of anything for x, y, and z.


{Mrs.M} said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment, means a lot :)
Good luck in your 2WW, thinking good thoughts for you!! 3rd time is a charm, I firmly believe that!! :)

Happy ICLW!!

osuraj said...

Lisa, what a great idea to do the ABC's, I may have to steal this. :-)

Some things we have in common...I've a veg head and lived in Texas for a year.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your IUI. Try not to go crazy while waiting (easier said than done)!

Katie said...

Oh I'm so glad you did the ABCs :) You are going to have a blast in Alaska. Thinking good thoughts for you!

WiseGuy said...

Hi Lisa, I could not help but notice the poll in your sidebar.

Well, I totally hope that this cycle is fruitful....If it is not, try for atleast two more IUIs. But remember, IUIs are only slightly better than the old-fashioned way. IUIs assure checking the for the right time, and making sure sperm lands where Miss Egg is likely to show up. The mechanics are close to plain sex.

Think it deeply and talk to hubby and your doc to chart out your future course of action.

All the best!


Gina said...

Hi there from ICLW~

I love the A,B,C's! I think I may use them for the next ICLW :o)

Scrambled Egg said...

I am laughing so hard from this post! It was great! Thanks for your comment on my blog...I'll be following you to see what happens this month...a BFP!!!!

just me said...

Hi Lisa! I saw Happy HOurs ABC...i might use it next month :) but anyway....this will be my first cycle with injections, i saw your post about giving yourself the shot, good job! i am going to have to do my own as DH travels....hoping this is your month!! and that I foloow right behind!

Kristin said...

Secondary infertility SUCKS. Hope yours is solved with your current protocol and that this IUI worked!


Parenthood For Me said...

Hey there. Stopping by for ICLW.
We have MF and Female issues as well.

Anonymous said...

I really like your poem! Some of it made me laugh! Especially the Dildo cam! I hate that thing!