Monday, October 12, 2009

Meal Planning Mondays

A few of you requested that I continue to post my weekly meal plans, so here ya go! Here is my meal plan for this week:
  • Homemade pizza's (so fun to do with Kay too!) and a side salad
  • BBQ chicken, with oven roasted corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes
  • Salmon with a asian sesame sauce, veggies, and rice
  • Crock pot beef stew (so easy and my DH loves this! I freeze the left overs in individual serving sizes so he can just take it out and re heat for lunches, etc.)
  • Lasagna, italian style salad, and break sticks

I will say that I don't usually cook on the weekends. Normally we will eat out or get take out 1 night, and then the other night we will have left overs from the week. I love to cook, but its nice to have the weekends "off"!


PeasOut said...

Can I have your beew stew recipe? I love the crockpot!

Lisa said...

Sure! It is SO easy, I just use the McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning Mix and follow the directions on the back. You will need the following ingredients:

- the seasoning mix obviously
-2 lbs. of stew beef, cut into 1-inch cubes (I buy it pre cut)
-3 tbsp. of flour
-2 tbsp. of oil
-3 cups of water
-5 cups of cubed veggies; I use a lot of potatoes because my DH likes then, 1 onion, a few celery stalks, a few handfuls of baby carrots, and a few cloves of garlic minced. So I usually use more than 5 cups of veggies.

Thats it! Follow the directions on the back of the seasoning mix. It comes out really good every time.

Lisa said...

Oh and I forgot to add that I dont follow the cooking time on the packet...I cook it all day in my crock pot on low heat.