Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Lovely Lady Lumps

And no I'm not talking about Fergie here! I am talking about the crazy things that are my belly of course!! This is the best part of pregnancy, feeling and seeing your baby move around in there. Its such an entertaining sight! When this happens I just stare in amazement that that is a human being inside my body, that is my baby. Sometimes things can get a little hairy. For example, this is a picture of the Little Lady lumped up all on the right side while driving.

She really likes it over there because here she is again the other night ...lumped to the right side.

I am also feeling lumps and bumps is other places now, so I am not sure if she has moved or if she is just bigger now so I am feeling more....either way it's good times!!


Jenni said...

LOL.. Thats so funny now you make me wish I had taken pics of T all lumped to one side.. Seriously its like somethin out of an alien movie when it happens, hahah

Jennifer said...

I love it -- so cute!!

I snapped a few pics of my crazy-lumpy belly too! I love going back to look through my pg pictures. I can't believe how big pg bellies get, lol!

WantWait&Pray said...

Ahhh....I want some lady lumps!
I like the new blog layout, lady! Super cute!
How is her nursery coming?

Samantha said...

My little man likes the right side better too! :)