Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mommy Envy

We all experience it at some point or another, not only as mothers but as women. There will always be "that" mother, co-workers, neighbor, friend, or relative that seems to be able to do it all and do it all effortlessly. How does she do it? How does she manage?

There is a couple mothers that I envy and for different reasons.

One in particular seems to be able to manage her very well behaved children, running them to play dates, school, and extra circular activities, all without one sign of stress on her face. How does this stay at home mom manage to have full hair and makeup done by 7:15 am, wearing a new trendy outfit (I swear I have never seen this woman wear the same thing twice) and carrying the latest Louis Vuitton bag with 3 kids to get up with every morning? She volunteers at both her kids schools, then shuttles them to whatever activity, cooks an all organic dinner, and still manages to have them all bathed and in bed by 7:45pm. How does she do it? Does this women ever sleep?

Now now before you say "Lisa we don't know what goes on behind closed doors", I realize this. And I realize that you cant judge a book by its cover, and that this mom (or any mom) is not perfect! But I envy her ability to (appear) to be able to do it all- and calmly. Because I see other mothers that try to "do it all" and some of them just look stressed out, ragged, and ready to jump off the nearest Chuck E. Cheese building all while wearing stretch pants, her husbands t-shirt, and a scrunchie from 1993. But not this mom. So I envy that. Don't get it confused with jealousy. I am not jealous of this women. I love MY life, and am very content and happy with what I have and my capabilities as a mother, but in some ways it makes me strive to be better. Does that make sense?

So what is it about "that" woman in your life that you envy?


Jennifer said...

There isn't anybody in particular, but I do admire people who manage to maintain their social & mommy calendars effortlessly. I'm always double-booking things! I forget the weeks that my husband travels for work, and I'll schedule a girls night out for one of the nights he's away, so I always end up cancelling and re-scheduling! I'd LOVE to get it right the first time!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

When you wrote : "all while wearing stretch pants, her husbands t-shirt, and a scrunchie from 1993" I gulped, looked down at what I wearing and frowned...SO ME :(

I dont envy any one mom in particular--I dont think--but more so the idea of the moms that I have seen. Pretty much just like the one you described. My main envy right now is the moms that get to stay home with their LO's. Although I have been kinda I know I will need to go back to work full time or do school half time while I work part time. I just wish I would've gotten my life together the first time I tried and not have to leave E cause I am trying to do it right now.

PeasOut said...

I have mom "envy" for evey single mom who makes it out of their house fully dressed (in an out fit they picked, not the least dirty thing in the closet), make up done (not just slapped some foundation and mascara before the mad rush to daycare) and finally (most importantly) does her hair (no, shower then bun/ponytail/cute hat do not count) every day. Hell, I envy any mom who can do it MOST days.

PS. The object of your envy? Sounds a lot like you! :)

Lisa said...

Well thanks Mya- but I do feel a lot more frazzeled than her and I only have 2 kids! And I am lucky to be showered and dressed by lunch time most days- unless I am appts or something like that.

Regina said...

There are days I look down and am wearing that outfit! (Minus the scrunchie...I can't seem to find any of them and refuse to buy new ones!) I envy the mom's who have the time to do everything. Clean their house to near perfection, have time to work out, and have little girls with perfect hair and matching bows to their outfits. My poor kid looks like a raggamuffin half the time and I'm lucky if she keeps the rubberband in her hair!

Little Mrs. P said...

I found your blog from Kelly's Korner. I love this post, I feel exactly the same way. I have friends that I "envy", not jealous, just envy. As a new mother, I hope to eventually get my act together so one day I can at least appear to pull it all together too.