Friday, March 12, 2010

Sleep Success

Okay, we all know Miss M is a great sleeper so really the title should be Sleeping Flat Success!

Since birth Miss M has been sleeping in the newborn napper of her PNP, she loves it, its cozy and comfortable and she sleeps great. But she's out growing it and every morning her cute little feet were sticking was cute, but not recommended. I was nervous to make the switch because we have such a great routine and because she is such a great sleeper. But she cant sleep in that thing forever, and I needed to make the switch so we can get her into her crib next month. (I let both babies stay in my room until 3 months).

So I got one of these thinking she might like the incline and feel secure with the positioners on each side. WRONG! That thing is a joke! Seriously don't waste your money, at least not on the inclined one. The first night she was in it she went to sleep fine, but by morning she has slid down to where her head was in between the positioners- not cool. So my friend Mya suggested rolling up a receiving blanket and putting that under her legs. So I did and that was a huge FAIL. By morning she has not only slid down the entire thing, but was on the other side of the pnp and had turned herself completely around. It was amazing really. Not sure how she pulled that one off, but needless to say that was the last time we used that.

So last night was the first night of her laying completely flat to sleep and she did GREAT! Fell asleep fine and STTN, so I guess I worried for nothing!


The Wilson's said...

I love when they sleep with their arms above their head. Glad you're enjoying full nights of rest! Hoping Jackson will learn this before his second birthday;)

Kristen & Nolan said...

Ahhh so cute!!! I'm so glad she's sleeping so well!