Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday night we had a nice family dinner at The Olive Garden, then we came home for a relaxing night at in. I bathed both the kids...

and then me and my DH got cozy on the couch and watched Real Time with Bill Maher. Every Friday night we watch Real Time together, we love Bill Maher and even went to see him live a few years ago! Good times!

Saturday morning I got up early, packed the kids up, and headed out to RESOLVE's annual Walk of Hope.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out! Sunny, breezy, and 77. As soon as I got signed in Kay headed right for the kids area, where they had a petting zoo and bounce houses.

Soon after I met up with my friend Mya, who even though she didn't struggle with infertility herself came out to support the cause. She brought her little cutie Wyatt along too. We got started on the walk, an easy 1.8 mile walk around the park- which was beautiful and way bigger than I thought! On the way we came across this HUGE tree which is rare here in Arizona, so I just had to stop and take a picture!

After that we headed back over to the children's area, where I was to help out again this year. They had a table set up to color tote bags and a tattoo station, which the kids love! And before Mya left we made sure to snap a picture (even thought the lady that was taking it was the worst picture taker ever...god, the lady didn't even say "Say Cheese" before snapping the picture. I hate that! This was the best photo out of the 3 she took, and yes, we moved out the of the shade for the other one but she screwed that one up too!)
(Me and Miss M on the left, Mya and Wyatt on the right)

I met and talked to a few other couples; we shared our stories the struggles we have faced. Its always nice to go to these things and be in the company of people that have gone through what you have...its almost refreshing. While chatting with one mother of B/G twins (her little girl also had the same name as Miss M and was cute as a button) she mentioned that her mother was her surrogate. AMAZING, absolutely amazing I thought! While working with RESOLVE I have heard of couples taking many different paths to build there families, but I have never heard that. I was blown away! This woman essentially carried and gave birth to her own grandchildren at 52 years old and she carried to term! What an amazing gift to give to her daughter...and to herself really.

After the walk, me and Kay went and did a little shopping for spring/summers cloths and then we came home. I put Miss M in her bouncer...

and laid down on the floor because my tummy started bothering me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at home and playing with the kids...

and then DH cooked us dinner because I still wasn't feeling great (I shouldn't really say "cook" because he made us sandwiches, hahaha but it was nice). Then I drove down to the mailbox to see what movies had come in. I popped some popcorn, put both the girls to bed (they were both asleep by 9!) and we put in the movie, which was Micheal Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story...

and just like all the other Michael Moore documentaries, I liked it but didn't entirely agree with. This one was a little long, so I ended up falling asleep on the couch towards the end.
I planned on getting up with Miss M at some point that night because she had last eaten at 7:30pm, but I was pleasantly surprised when she slept until 6:00 then next morning! That's almost 12 hours~!

Today I made breakfast, cleaned, and continued hacking down Mt. Laundry. I ran and got a spray tan, and then we all went to Costco. Later I took Kay to get her bangs trimmed...

and we stopped at Bath and Body Works to stock up on one of my favorite scents of all time; Moonlight Path! I love how fresh it smells and they had been out of it for a while ( I guess while they were re packaging it) so I have been dying to go pick some up.

We quickly headed home because Little M isn't feeling too great, she seems to have a slight cold- but is fine, just crankier than usual. I made dinner, cleaned the house, and got everything ready for the week! Now time to relax (or try to) because I have a busy work week ahead.

Hope you all had an amazing first weekend of Spring! This is by far my favorite time of year!


PeasOut said...

You sure are glad to have your camera back! lol I love it!

Thanks for inviting us, I'm glad we got to come to the walk with you!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Wow, busy weekend you had! Wish I would've known about the walk. I have a few friends that have been struggling with IF and know they would've loved to come support everyone.

Cute pics though! The babies are getting so big and Kay is so sweet.