Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh What A Day

Yesterday was probably one of the most challenging days with Miss M yet....

Kay is on spring break this week, so I've got the week packed full with play dates and activities to keep us all sane. So yesterday after getting a little work done and my morning workout we headed over to one of her classmates house for a lunch play date. He is such a cute little boy and I really like his mom (always a plus when your kids get older and because I don't drop off yet).

It started off great...kids were playing outside, Miss M and I were hanging out inside while the boys mother finished preparing lunch. M was in great spirits, happy and awake and we were chatting about life and our kids.

When the lunch was all ready (she made a great spinach salad for us adults, and a pizza for the kids) we headed out to her beautifully manicured lawn to eat.

This is when it all went down hill...

As soon as I sat down to eat Miss M went from quite angel to a crying mess. So I flexed my mom muscles, fed her and ate one handed. No biggie. I knew after she ate she needed to take a nap, she was still very fussy so I shushed her, bounced her, walked her, rocked her, you name it I did it. Nothing was working. It had gotten tot a point where she would not stop screaming no matter what I did, and this went on for a good 30-45 min. And there I was being 'that mom' saying " Oh my kid never does this, she never cries like this" which is the truth, but c'mon we've all heard that before and thought yeah right lady your kids just a brat.

Since it was so early into the play date, Kay obviously did not want to leave, so I did the one last thing I knew would work...

I drove her.

That's right. I left Kay at the boys' house to drive Miss M around the neighborhood so she would go to sleep.

And she went from this:

To this:

In exactly 3 laps around the block. Ahhhhh relief!

I brought her back in the house, left her in her seat of course and proceeded on with the play date....AH but wait.....10 minutes later she woke up! Fussy again. I did manage to hold her off for another 15-20 minutes because Kay and the kids were now playing Hot Potato with water balloons and she was having so much fun. But after the screaming resumed again, we had to go. I couldn't possibly drive the boys' mom any crazier than I already had. I felt bad and apologized, thanked her for lunch and got the hell out of there. Wonder if we will ever be invited back?

I thought this was all because she needed her swing to nap (that's where she naps during the day) so I rushed home, fed her, and put her over tired self in the swing. FAIL. It wasn't the swing she needed after all because she was still fussy and whiny the rest of the afternoon. She never napped longer than 10 min. through out the whole day, and when your 12 weeks old, that's no bueno.

I still don't know what was wrong with her yesterday, but what I do know is that she must have really wore herself out because she sleep from 9:00 pm to almost 8:00 am!

Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself because today we have a picnic play date at the park and one I plan on staying at! And plus I want my sweet little angel baby back : )

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