Friday, June 4, 2010

All About My "B" Day

(And no I'm not talking about my birthday)

Last Thursday I walked in my dermatologist's office, a botox virgin and walked out a whole new woman...haha.  I told the girls at reception it was my first time and they both looked at me like I was the last person on the planet that didn't have botox and said "Really?!" Yeah really lady!  Welcome to the world of injections, fillers, plumped lips, and wrinkle free filled woman. This is a whole other breed. One even said that her kids tell her when she needs her botox redone because they can tell when she's mad at them. Wow, am I really the only person without botox I thought? I started feeling like the fat kid at camp. I can totally see how easily it would be to get wrapped up in all that when you are surrounded by it day in and day out.

I was so nervous! Nervous of what it would feel like, what I would look like, and most importantly that they would somehow accidentally inject me in my eye ball or that I would be that freaky 1% of the botox population (which apparently is everybody) that had some sort of adverse effect. I kept telling myself how did I have 2 boob jobs and 2 kids, and am afraid to get a little botox? The # 1 non surgical cosmetic treatment in the U.S.! A friend of mine had it done and told me it was like little bee stings, one friend said is was nothing, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The overly plumped wrinkle free nurse walked in. "So your here for a little botox today?" "Yeah, its my first time". "Really?!"  "Yes really!!"  Geez. what is it with these people? She asked what my area of concern was and I quickly prompted her to the frown squinty line right between my eye brows. She said, "Yep okay, looks like you'll need about 18 units and we'll just stack them here and here" Alien talk to the botox virgin. "I'll be right back!" She walked back in, syringe on a little tray, told me to sit back and make the "mad face" that I didn't like and then relax. There went the first needles stick. OMG, this is it I thought? Completely painless, didn't feel a thing! I mean, I knew the needle went it, but it didn't hurt at all (its an insulin size needle). We did this 4 more times and then I was done. That was it! 

She then told me a few things I didn't know about botox (like it takes 3-7 days to start seeing results, not instant like I thought), told me to make the "mad face" every few minutes for the first 20 minutes, not to lay down for the next 4 hours, no wearing hats today, and not to massage the area tonight when I washed my face. It didn't really feel any different at first, but as the hours past over those first couple days it felt tighter and tighter. It almost feels like how your skin feels after a sunburn, you know that tightness in your skin? Just like that. I don't notice that feeling now though.

Here is my before pic, which was actually taken in the car right after. As you can see my squnity face line was very deep between my eye brows.

Here I am 3 days later, still there but much less noticeable already.

And here I am 7 days after. Squinting as hard as I can....NO WRINKLE!

I love it!  Now I just want to see how long it lasts!


The Wilson's said...

get out of town, are you freakin' kidding me?!?! That is crazy and I am super jealous!!!

Marielle0430 said...

Wow that's amazing! Looks great!

Jamie said...

Wow!! Not that you needed it before....but that is a huge difference!

melifaif said...

Shut the front door!!!!! I scowl all.the.time. Seeing you....makes me wanna go get some botox. FYI - you are SO not the only one that never had botox before.

Lisa said...

LOL @ melifaif!! you are too funny!!

Jennifer said...

The results are amazing! You look great momma!!! How long before you'll have to go back in? xo

andrea said...

Oh gosh! I'm 20 and I have wrinkles when I try to make that face.. I didn't know I shouldn't have that.. oh no you're making me paranoid!

Lisa said...


You have nothing to worry about my dear! It is normal for it to do that when you to make that expression. My whole reason was the 28 year old curse as I like to call it. I started to see the line there even when I wasnt makeing that face. Hence, botox!

You've got plenty of time before you have to worry about that..ahhh to be 20 again :)