Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Starting Solids

This week we started Miss M on rice cereal! And let me tell you, she knew exactly what to do with that spoon! She loved it.

and here she is in her new high chair
(taken on my iphone)

Right now we are just doing 1 feeding a day at dinner time. She's eating a few tablespoons of rice cereal mixed with formula. I am trying to decide if I should switch to 2 feedings of rice a day, before adding in veggies (remember the butternut squash I made)? Or start doing rice in the morning, then veggies at night? Any of my mommy readers with solid eating babies, what did you do? What was your feeding schedule like at first?


The Wilson's said...

big girl, so sweet!

we started cereal at night first, then worked our way up to twice a day. next we introduced veggies at night...and then fruit for breakfast.

Jaye said...

No info on the foot :) But I just wanted to sayy....MissM is becoming more beautiful every day! Her eyes are SO big!

stacey said...

Our pedi recommended rice, then mixing it with veggie (just 1x day). When she moved to fruits, pedi said start 2 meals a day, one rice/one veggie, mixing rice with one of the meals.