Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's in My Purse

One of my IF/blog friends Ashley posted this on her blog the other day and it totally inspired me to do the same. I don't know, I always find things like this interesting so I thought I would share!

Right now I am carrying an alligator embossed Coach Madison Carry All in a beautiful pale pink. I got it right after I had little M. It was sort of my push present, basically just another excuse to get a new bag : ) I used to change out my bag every month, now its more like every 2-4 months because it is not my primary bag these days (my diaper bag is!) But on any given day, this is whats in my purse...

A white leather Coach wallet that I've had for ages now, Guess sunglasses, my keys, misc. papers and business cards, my ear buds for hand free use or the gym, a mini compact, and a pen of course!

My phone, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, a mini bottle of perfume, Kleenex, my little travel note pad, and a hair tie. I also carry 2 tampons, because ya know I have been getting my period every 2 weeks!

And finally I did a complete overhaul of my lip glosses to cut down to only the ones I use all the time. I am really embarrassed to show you how many I used to carry. Around 4 times this much, we'll just leave it at that ; ) Here are my favs: MAC lip pencil in Whirl, some random lip gloss from Victoria's Secret, MAC Creme Sheen lip glass in Fashion Scoop (pale pink) and Boy Bait (more of a neutral), a Bath and Body Works lip gloss in Fruit Punch, and an Estee Lauder lip gloss.

There you have it! That's whats in my purse!

Stay tuned for What's in My Diaper Bag! 


Momma V said...

When I was younger (meaning 20 or something) I carried a small purse. As I got older, my purse got larger and so did the amount of things I put in it!

I have a purse like yours and I couldn't even take a picture of what is in it because there is SO MUCH. So you are still doing good :-)

Amber and Brian said...

Dang! Your purse is extremely organized! Mine is full of trash and receipts and lipglosses/sticks!