Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Party Animals

Gotta love the one who mooned the camera!

Saturday I hosted a party for Kay's classmates to celebrate graduating Kindergarten and school being out for summer. Her teacher came and they all loved that (remember she is the best teacher in the world!) To tell you the truth it was a little crazy at first. Kay has 16 boys and 6 girls in her class, so I had about 10 boys here and boy oh boy (literally) they can be crazy little people! I am used to the drama, dress up, and melt downs. But wrestling, jumping off furniture, and war, I am not. At one point I overheard my husband say to someone that he was so glad we have girls. Really though, they were all great kids and everyone had a blast! M just sorta looked around...she didn't know what to make of all the noise.

Before everyone left, we took their picture with the cap on to email to their parents as a keep sake.

Excuse the weird look on her face. And yes, I managed to dress little M and Kay the same again. Good times! Good memories! Good Hostess ; )


Momma V said...

Looks like a great party :-)

You are a good Mom!

The Wilson's said...

What an awesome mommy you are! Graduation hats and all, too cute:)