Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Visit to PA

Home sweet home! We got back last night and we're simply exhausted from a long day of travel. We flew in and out of Pittsburgh, but the town we were visiting was 2 hours north. A 2 hour drive, a 4.5 hour plane ride, a shuttle bus ride, and 2 times zones later we finally got home around bed time last night. M woke up at 5:30 this morning though, which I was not thrilled about. We were there just long enough to adapt to the time change before coming back home. So I'm hoping after today our schedules will be back on mountain standard time : ) Here are the highlights from our trip:

First stop, my sisters house to visit her, her husband, and their 2 girls. One who is just 9 days older than little M! How cool huh? I put Miss M's  hair clip in her hair :) I told her that Auntie Lisa would mail her some because I buy mine at 2 different local stores.

The whole gang, in the crib, funny stuff.

Cousins. Morgan is 9 days older than my little M.

Then we headed 2 hours north of Pittsburgh to visit my husband's daughter and her family. Stop- did she just say her husbands daughter? Yes, you read that right and she is my age. Go ahead, judge me. She has 5 kids, including 2 sets of twins that are 2 years apart. 4 under 4 anyone? It's a little crazy to say the least.  

Kay and her oldest daughter who is 8. She and Kay get along so well, and she always stays with us at our hotel every time we come. They have loads of fun together.

The next day we packed up the zoo and headed to the zoo : )

Little M couldn't take her eye's off the animals...

especially this guy.

Kay at the Kangaroo Crossing

She even got to pet one!

M pie hangin with Daddy...

This rhino couldn't get enough of that mud!!

Kay and I

The next day Shelly and I headed drove to the Prime Outlets at Grove City, which is by far the biggest outlet mall I have ever been too! I scored some major deals, including size 26 Juicy Couture jeans for 34.00!! I'm not gonna lie, these don't fit me now, but they will. Oh yes. They will. 26 is my old jean size, so I had to snatch them up. I know, I know never buy a smaller size hoping you'll fit into them, but you bet I'm gonna hang those bithces on the wall until I can squeeze my big ass into them! They are that super soft cottony feeling jean. Ahhh my fav. AND they were the only size left, clearly a sign that I had to buy them. I got the girls a bunch of cloths, including matching dresses for our annual 4th of July party coming up! 


Anonymous said...

Where did you get Miss M's little shoes in the picture she is hanging out with Daddy? So cute! :)


Lisa said...


Those we actually a gift, but I think they are from Walmart because they are the Faded Glory Brand, and I believe thats walmart. They are cute little sandals!

The Wilson's said...

Looks like your trip was a lot of fun. There's nothing better than spending time with family, no matter what the situation:) And you are looking awesome, you'll be in those jeans in no time!!!

Amanda said...

Glad you had a good trip - I'm from Pittsburgh, and actually grew up a little further north than Grove City! Small world!