Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Menu

I get a lot of questions on how and what I feed Miss M and love getting new menu ideas for her, so I thought I would share some of Miss M's eats. Here's a couple days worth of meal plans for baby! 

Breakfast: 1 organic blueberry waffle and a diced banana.
Lunch: Shelled edamamee, diced avocado, tomato, and a whole wheat tortilla.
Snack: A kashi nutragrain bar.
Dinner: What ever we eat- see Meal Planning Monday!

Breakfast: A slice of toast with organic strawberry preserve, diced peaches.
Lunch: Yo Baby 3-in-1 yogurt, it is yogurt with fruit AND veggie puree, like pears and green beans or peaches and squash/ They are hard to find (I buy them at whole foods), but they are awesome and she loves them. Soy chicken nuggets.
Snack: Cheerios!
Dinner: See above.

Breakfast: A Whole Wheat pancake with fresh blueberries cut in half.
Lunch: Turkey, cottage cheese, and some small pasta (macaroni, shells, etc.)
Snack: Puffs, or Bunny grahams.
Dinner: See above.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, an english muffin, and  peeled/sliced pears.
Lunch: Cheese quesidilla made with a whole wheat tortilla with black beans or organic mac and cheese.
Snack: Kashi nurtigrain bar, cheerios, puffs, or bunny grahams.
Dinner: See above.

I got very lucky with this one, she is such a great eater! We have not found one thing (besides cilantro) that she doesn't like. She would eat a bumper off a car if you put in on her high chair! It's really important to me to raise a very healthy eater and only feed her the best things possible. I feel like I am doing a pretty good job with that. Kay on the other hand suffers from "First Child Syndrome" and is much more picky. Very picky actually. I know exactly how that happened. Once she started eating and self feeding, if she didn't eat what I gave her, I would make and give her something I knew she would eat. Because she was a baby and had to eat something or else she will starve to death. That is a evil evil thing to start. But hind sight is 20/20 and these are the mommy mistakes you make the first time around. Hence why I call it the "First Child Syndrome". That's why I vow to be different this time around and really I haven't had to be yet, because M is the complete opposite of Kay in the eating department- she eats EVERYTHING and so well too!

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone- be safe out there! xoxo

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Rae said...

Thanks for a view into what the little one eats. I always thinking I'm feeding my son too much but he eats about the same amounts. And now I have additional food choices.