Friday, October 1, 2010

Table Foods

Baby M is almost solely on table foods now. It started by giving her her baby food, and then a little of whatever we are eating, and not so slowly she realized that she like what we eat much better! She's started rejecting her purees and really likes self feeding. She's a such a great eater and eats ANYTHING you put in from of her (including but not limited to paper, which is her favorite food). Seriously, she eats anything. I was eating a big green olive the other day and she was pawing to get at it. I kept telling her "No, you cant have this M, your not going to like it!" Finally after clawing my face off I decided "fine, go'll see" and much to my surprise, she loved it!

Here she is eating cottage cheese,

Scrambled eggs with toast,

And dinner last night....Pasta, fresh mozzarella cheese, and sweet baby peas.

 She LOVES peas! She had about 4 helpings of peas. Funny thing is, is peas were her least favorite veggie out of the purees!

 Some of her other favorite foods are: shredded cheese, avocados, tomatoes, peaches, green beans, waffles, squash, any pasta or bread, yogurt, broccoli, mandarin oranges and bananas! It's so refreshing to have such a good eater because Kay is so picky. I think its mostly to blame on the-first-time mommy-mistakes I made with her. Feeding her things I knew she would eat because I thought she had to eat something. Rather than forcing her to try new things, and if she didn't eat, then she didn't eat. I catered to her too much in that department- and still do really (I would sometimes make 3 different meals each night. One for me, one for DH who is also picky, and one for Kay). It's the devil, and I swore not to make that same mistake again! So far so good :)


Her Momma said...

such cute pics! lovie's only eating table foods these days, too, but it's mainly goldfish crackers and pickles. argh

Alyssa said...

My son Charlie didn't meet a puree he didn't love but he is so not interested in finger foods. I give them to him and he gags on them. Even the smallest piece. He is barely getting his two bottom teeth so I guess I'll wait a bit longer. He's 9 months though - I thought he'd be eating finger foods by now!

Alice said...

Awesome! V is mostly on table foods now too. She'll eat the weirdest things! One of her favorites is black olives :o)

breedwoman said...

Kinsley was exactly the same with pees! such a cutie!