Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parties and Playdates

October is such a busy month for us! It's just filled with parties, baby showers, birthdays, and anniversaries! Our weekends have been full and we've been pretty busy on the party circuit. Two weekends ago, we celebrated Kay's best friend's 6th birthday! Remember this post about them through the years? Well she had a luau themed party in the evening and all of the girls had so much fun!

Then last weekend we had our good friends Mya and Wyatt over for a little play date with the babies. It's funny because Mya and I always talk about how we think our kids look a lot alike, they are very similar! So I call them Irish Twins, or her brother from another mother :) It is funny though!

Don't you think?! This weekend we are actually going to Wyatt's first birthday party, Miss M is looking forward to her man turning 1! Boy this just seemed like yesterday. Then Sunday I am going to my friend Ambie's Halloween themed baby shower! She's due with her first little girl in December. At the end of the month I am hosting a Halloween party for our play group friends, and then there's pumpkin carving and Halloween of course!

And lastly, I've started the initial process of planning Miss M's birthday party!! Can you believe it??! I'm just really starting to think about it, so you'll hear much more about this as I actually begin the planning :)

Party, Party, Party!


PeasOut said...

I think its the cheeks. They totally have matching cheek shub! :)

Abby said...

wow! They really do look alike! :)