Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Planning Monday People!'s been a while sine I posted one of these, so I figured it was time. I've got some yummies planned for this week at my house. Here's whats cookin!

  • Chicken Burgers with Garlic Mayo and Homemade Oven Fries. Sounds so fancy, but so easy! I buy the burgers at Costco and to make the garlic mayo, just add minced garlic and s/p to yor regular mayo. And a little tip for making the perfect oven fries: slice them and let them soak in salted water for 15-20 min before you bake (400 degrees for about 40 min.) but make sure you pat them all the way dry before baking or else they wont crisp up!
  • Pasta with Sausage and Peppers. I made this last week and it was such a huge hit! And since I got more peppers and onions in my basket this week, I'm going to make it again! Of course, I make a more healthy version. I use organic chicken andouille or vegan sausage, whole wheat penne pasta, and low fat mozzarella cheese.
  • BBQ Salmon. I've never made this recipe before, but there is a Asian bbq salmon that we love, so I figured I'd give this one a try for something different. Served with rice and a veggie medley of some sort.
  • Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs, or Italian Wedding Soup. I've made this recipe before and it is SO delish, really low fat, and super easy!
  • Foil-Pack Taco Chicken. A new one on the list, looks super easy which is perfect for weeknights. Again, I'm going to make this a littler healthier using low fat cheese and skipping the sour cream. Served with a side salad.


DukeCityEvents said...

Hi Lisa!

Can you suggest a tasty veggie sausage? Since July, I have not had meat (only fish) and I really want something that tastes good. I have tried a couple and they were gross!

Any help would be appreciated!

Amanda said...

YUM! That all sounds delish! :-)

Amber and Brian said...

Thank you! I've been missing this!

Lisa said...


I think the brand I usually use is Smart Sausage? I buy one that is kinda spicy, so it works really well with that dish. I get it at whole foods, and I know they have other brands as well.