Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giuliana & Bill and The Book Signing

Anyone watch their show? I do, and I must say I love them! They are really an amazing couple and have a fun dynamic relationship. And he's not too bad to look at either if ya know what I mean  ; ) I just feel like they are different than other celebrity couples who have done reality shows. I also commend them for coming out and sharing their struggle to get pregnant. It was hard enough to go through in private, I cant imagine the courage it took for them to be so open about it. And that's what we need more of! People to talk about it. Infertility has this stigma behind it. But with one in eight couples suffering with infertility, people need to know they are not alone. They are not alone in that dark place, they are not alone with trying to decide what they should do next, or if they will ever have a baby of their own. So I really really look up to them for sharing that and for using their celebrity to help raise more awareness about infertility.

They are an amazing couple and I've been watching Giuliana on E! News for years now and loooove her on the red carpet. She always gets it right. Plus she's Italian, and you know how I feel about about Italian people. So when she announced on Twitter that her and Bill were going to be in AZ for a book signing this weekend I just had to go!

I've never been to a book signing before, and had no idea what to expect so I called Borders where they were going to be appearing. I wanted to know if I should come early, if so how early, would I be there for hours and hours, and who they whole thing works. He said it all really depends on how many people they draw in, etc. I have no idea? I love them, but how many other people love them too? How many other people follow her on twitter and know about the signing? Because that's the only place I heard about it!

So I decided to go an hour early. I figured that even if there wasn't a line, I could hang out and browse until it was time. I showed up and much to my surprise there were about 30 chairs set up in front of a table. Oh okay- so we are sitting, great! I had little M with me, so I took a seat (there were about 15 other people there at that point). I hung out and chatted with a few other people that were there. As the minutes went on the seats filled up, and people started standing behind the seats. I was glad I got their early! In total there were about 50-60 people there. Miss M was waiting very patiently too....

I had my book all ready for them to sign- and for those who have never been to a book signing, a lady actually walks around and writes your name on a post it and then you put out it on the page that they will sign, I guess it cuts down on time? Idk....either way I was ready. In case you were wondering, their book is called I Do, Now What? Secrets, Stories, and Advise from Madly-in-Love Couple.

Then the manager walks out and tells us how its all going to go down, and that Giuliana and Bill said its okay to take pictures (I guess some wont allow photos), that they'd be out in a few minutes and that they were jsut the nicest people.

A few minutes later, they walked out! They said hello, grabbed a mic, and started chatting a little bit about the book, and how and why they decided to write it. They both are so cute!

After that they opened up the floor and did a Q & A. People asked all kinds of questions, from financial questions for Bill, to which designers and brands were Giuliana's favorite (she said BCBG, Bebe, H&M, and Forever 21 in case your curious), what their shooting schedule is like with the show...all kinds of questions. They were very open. It was refreshing! They seem like a really normal down to earth kind of couple. And they both have a great sense of humor...just like on the show.

Then came the fun part. Meeting them! They didn't just sign books, and off to the next person, they really took the time made a point to talk to everyone for a few minutes. I was impressed by that.

Then it was my turn! They were so sweet, both shook my hand, we chatted a little about baby M. I told them how much I admired them for sharing their struggle to have a baby so publicly, because I know how hard it is- as I put my hand over my heart. I told them to keep their heads up and know that one day it will all be worth it.


osuraj said...

Wow, I can't believe how thin she is...looks so much more so in your pictures. That's cool you got to meet them, I love how open they are too...most celebrities keep quiet or even lie (come on--you can tell me all of those celebs over 40 that have twins was pure luck!).

Brenda said...

I LOVE them too! So jealous you got to meet them!

Lucky Jones said...

Love them too! Their struggle is so heartbreaking, but I can relate... luckily I have my twins now :) I know that their time will come soon!