Thursday, December 2, 2010

11 Months

Well were are. The last month of her first year of life. I truly cant believe how fast its gone by...and she's just getting more and more fun each day. It's such a joy to see what kind of littler person she is becoming. This last month we have had a language EXPLOSION! If you have been reading this blog, you'll know that I was getting a little concerned about her lack of babbling and talking. She didn't even start babbling until she was 9.5-10 months old and now we cant shut her up : ) She says Mama, Dada, Gaga, says her own version of cup, cat, and Kay! And she just babbles and talks all day long. I'm so proud of her...but I guess when you walk at 9.5 months, you cant be mastering everything at once right?! She's totally made up for that now though and that's all that matters.

Fun fact about Miss M at 11 months:

- She's got 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom.
- Her hair is really filling in now.
- She 's just moving into a size 4 diaper- although they are a bit big.
- She wears 12 month, or 12-18 month cloths depending on the brand.
- She still takes 2 naps per day. First one around 10:00, second around 2:00.
- She's down to 3 6oz. bottles a day. 1 in the morning, 1 before her afternoon nap, and 1 before bed.

She loves: Kindermusik! The more we go, the more she enjoys herself! It's great fun for her. She also loves music, corn on the cob, bath time, her new singing/dancing dog, my phone, and her family of course!

She hates: waiting for food, getting in the car, getting changed, same ol same ol!


melifaif said...

She's super cute. And I can see the hair growth, so sweet. And I love that outfit. Preciousness...

* said...

She is just precious! I have to mention that your little one and my daughter, who is same age, look so much alike! Happy 11 months!!

Amber and Brian said...

I can't believe she's almost one! Super cute picture by the way. Love her pose!