Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Things: Suuuuuushhheeeee!

Okay so I don't know if you guys know this but I LOVE SUSHI! Like love. I went to a new place today called Tokyo Lobby and I have never in my life had better or fresher sushi than this place today. It is my absolute new fav!!

The Yellow tail..hands down best.ever.I've ever had. 

"The Boston" a California roll topped with spicy tuna? (I think) and row with a yummy sauce. This one was our least was good, but had a very different taste...couldn't put my hands on what it was.  

"The Eel Tempura" Eel, crab, cream cheese, deep fried with yummy sweet eel sauce. M's fav roll!

"The Momma Mia". California roll topped with Salmon and tuna with  a very unique different very delicious sauce that I have never had before. It was SOOO good.

And last by certainly not least..."The Orgasm" and rightfully so! This was This is BY FAR the best roll I have ever had and was my personal favorite. It was a shrimp tempura but instead of being wrapped in seaweed and white rice, it was wrapped in very thinly sliced salmon. MY GOD it was amazing!!

So if your in the Phoenix area and love sushi you must go here. It isn't too big, or blingy,  but the food speaks for itself in a big way!


ASHELY said...

I could eat Sushi Everyday myself. That "orgasm" looked amazing! I haven't been to AZ since I was in 6th grade...however, I will be going to CALI for the first time next month (fingers crossed) for 5 days for work! I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Happy New Year Gorgeous!

Once Upon A Time said...

Oh my goodness- now you've done it. Now I MUST have sushi within the next week. Those rolls look to die for!

DukeCityEvents said...

We now live in New Mexico, but the sushi here is great and they have a place that is all you can eat for $20 a person!

Last time I had probably 20 pieces of sashmi and two rolls...

I miss AZ and Blue Wasabi and Sting Ray!

Lisa said...

Until this place Stingray was my absolute fav!! So yummy! I could also eat sushi everyday of the week...excpet my DH doesnt like it, so I dont get to eat it very often :(

Amber and Brian said...

YUM! I can't wait to have me some sushi!