Sunday, December 19, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Is a nice, new grill pan like this one from Williams-Sonoma....

Because the cheaper ones (like I have now) the grooves are too squared off and too close together, making it really hard to clean. And because of that I never want to use it. I really want a nice one because I love cooking, and indoor grilling :)

A heart rate monitor like this one.

So I can accurately track my calories burned and my heart rate during my workouts. Everyone in my boot camp class has them, and seriously one girl will burn 375 calories and one will burn 795 calories!! Both of them are comparable sizes, its amazing. Those machines are not even CLOSE to accurate, it is all variable based on your heart rate and endurance level. Plus, once my boot camp is over (this week is the last week for me) I plan on spinning again, and you simply cant spin without a heart rate monitor- because its all about what zone you are in!

And because my L necklace is no longer, I've been shopping around for replacements. I really really really love this Key from Tiffany's...

but with a 1,000 dollar price tag a girl can dream.....they make one in a sterling sliver here, but I like the diamonds ; )  My DH said he was looking for another necklace for me for Christmas, but not another L. He still thinks we will find it one day. He knows whatever it is, it has to be SMALL and understated and be my personality. And the Key it is...but it is mucho denario. But honestly, its really going to be hard to even try to replace the "L".

I also found this Karma necklace that I is very small and dainty with a much smaller price tag. I emailed the link to my hubs :) It is a circle that represents Karma...what goes around comes around. I live by that, so it's perfect!

So we'll see what Santa brings this year : ) Anything your dieing for???

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Ann Armenta said...

Normally DH gets me some sort of jewelery but to be honest year after year he gets me these gorgeous items and I wear them once and a while then they sit in the box collecting dust :( We just don't go out often enough to use them. So this year I tried to be practical...asked for a few movies I really liked, and my "big" thing was digital frames! I love pictures and it just makes sense to have digital frames now a days :)