Friday, December 31, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Today Little M is 1 years old and we can hardly believe it! Poor little thing doesn't feel to well either :( She has a little cold, but nothing too bad. Today is all about her! We started the day at the gym where she loves to play with her little friends, then we had a play date at Peter Piper Pizza. We are going to keep it low key today and celebrate as a family because her party isn't until next weekend. Then we will go BIG :)

Speaking of her birthday....I am in full on party planning mode now and I love it! I have been hitting up all my favorite stores for their after Christmas sales trying to scoop up any snowflake or bling I can find on sale. Best part is I can use all of this stuff next year to decorate my house with, so its a win win! And I don't feel bad about spending so much money just on her party. Because lets face it, she is only 1. But I have some big plans for this little girl because she deserves to be celebrated in style no matter what the age!!

Here is her invite...SO beautiful! It was hard to get a good picture of it though...

It's going to be a winter ONEderland that's for sure!! I cant wait!!

Happy Birthday Miss M!!

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Brooke said...

Such a cute pic of the birthday girl.