Friday, December 10, 2010

Weird Things My Kids Say and Do

  • Miss M stuffs her blankie in her mouth while trying to go to sleep...literally STUFFS it in. Weirdo!
  • Kay calls her girls parts her "Other Butt" or her "Front Butt".
  • The other day on the way to school Kay said that letting the boys chase her at recess helps her work on her "social skills". She was serious.
  • After M was born, Kay packed 2 suitcases (one with toys and one with cloths- smart girl!), wrote me a goodbye letter and told us that she was moving outside because it was "too hard to be a part of this family". She followed that with "But I'm still going to come in to eat and go to the bathroom...".
  • Miss M grunts like an bull every time you put her in her highchair until you get food on her tray.
  • Kay really thinks that there are things called "Booty Crickets". When she was 2 and went through the I- don't- want- you- to- wash- me phase, I told her that if you don't wash your butt you'll get booty crickets. Still works like a charm, so I'm stickin to it!
  • Miss M hates holding hands. Refuses!
  • I call Kay a little gypsy because every night she sleeps with: her pillow, her eye mask, her pillow pet, her stuffed sheep, and her cat "Saraphina". This girl has BAGGAGE.
  • Miss M loves cat food....seriously, she goes back for seconds. When I said this kids eats anything, I meant ANYTHING. Gross!
  • Kays thoughts on child birth:You either squeeze it out, or you cut it out. The other day she asked me "When you squeeze it out, where does it come out of" Oh dear god I thought...but then I told her, and her response: "Ewwww thats gross, I'm never having kids!".
And I'll end with that :) What are some "weirdo" things your kids do? I cant be alone here....Kids are WEIRD man!


Runblondie26 said...

Very cute. I loved this post!

The Riesbergs said...

That's funny!! Did you say in response to Kay about where you squeeze it out from "the front butt".

OMG..thanks for the laugh.

MamaB said...

LOL! Did you tell Kay babies come out of her "front butt" LOL! too funny! When my son asked- I just told him that "babies come from parts that you don't have"- LOL- you should've seen the look on his face- pretty sure he is still contemplating that one...

Jamie said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!!