Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lord Help Me

Soooooo who's idea was it to have all these girls??? Remind me again?? Because today little boys sounded REAL good let me tell you!

I realize I am my kids mother and because of that there is going to be some dramatic behaviors, and with 2 girls a little drama is too be expected. Today Kay took it to a whole other level. As I was standing there in arguing with her that "If she didn't go to school the cops would come take her to jail, because you cant NOT go to school because you cant find your other twinkle toe (her shoe) and that you can only stay home because of an illness not because of a fashion mishap. (Yes, I use scare tactics- they work). I was telling her this as she was violently throwing shoes out of the shoes basket, flailing her arms and legs, and screaming with her sassiest voice about how this is the worst day of her life. How she can't possibly wear silver ballerina flats with THIS outfit. and how it was all my fault. I stood there and suddenly imagined for that one moment how things were going to be with her when she is say....9? 11? Or 13? and I AM SCARED YALL!


I can assure you that this kid is going to give me a run for my money.  I can already bet that! Actually I saw that when she was about 2 and she was standing naked on her stepping stool doing the dishes......I have a pic...but I'm too scared to show my kids butt on the internet. But it is HILARIOUS! Pee your pants hilarious!

Ahhhhhhh.....lord help me.

She really is a sweet child- but this girl has her MOMENTS. And I know all girls are dramatic but I have friends that will testify that she is even a little more dramatic than the norm. Sure it makes life more fun (that's my excuse when I go overboard) and who knows...maybe one day it will come in handy...maybe she'll take home an Oscar one day. Or drive me to of the two.


Ann Armenta said...

OMG! I am laughing my butt off over here!!! Kay is too funny!! But trust me boys are NO LESS dramatic. E is right up there with Kay. This kid has attitude, and anger issues at the age of one. Lord help you if you have a piece of food and he doesn't get a bite of it. You get the evil eye, then the tears roll down his cheeks, head to the floor in the downward dog position and then THE SCREAM. Yeah its bad.

At least Kay is cute about it (or at least I think so :P)

andrea said...

Just drink! I don't have kids but it totally helps me deal with my family!