Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Bliss

I am dying to share pictures from Miss M's fabulous birthday party, but since I had a photographer friend come over to take pictures, I didn't take very many myself. And thank god I had her because I was too busy hosting and running around to really take the pictures myself. I am still waiting to get them from her but here are the few I managed to capture with my own camera!

After everyone left and an outfit change...

The party was a HUGE success! I really think I out did myself once again. Everyone seemed to like the all the details I worked so hard on. Miss M was in great spirits and we celebrated with our closest friends and family. The people that really matter in our life. It was perfect! and I will say that I cried. I made a video montage of her first year, and although I didn't cry the first time I watched it...when we played it at the party it all hit me. This has been the best, most fulfilling year of my life and we couldn't be more blessed than with the two beautiful girls we have. It's was those moments in time that are the most important and I wanted to make it as special as possible and I think I managed to do that :)

Anyways, the second I get the pictures back from her (sometime this week) I will post them...promise!!


Dana said...

It was a wonderful party! We had a great time! The decorations, the food, the dessert, everything was great! Can't wait to see the pictures! :)

Amy said...

LOVE it! Happy birthday M!

Jenni said...

Umm I cried to.. your not allowed to do that.. hahah

We had a blast and T was tuckered out as well..

=) You did an amazing job!!

mandy said...

It was an awesome party Lisa, you did a great job with everything. The dessert bar was a huge hit with the kids!