Monday, January 24, 2011


I feel like I have been neglecting my blog lately. Truth is I have been trying to find the time to blog and have a running list of draft posts that I am working on, but with a very hectic schedule right now, a toddler, a school aged child, and dealing with one shit storm after the next I just haven't had to time to sit down and write!

Shit storm #1: I had a week from hell last week! Thursday morning I went for a hike at one of the 2 places I always go and when I came back to my car I noticed that my back window was smashed out. Of course, I  left my purse inside (covered up, one the other side of the car no less and only because I had to go to Walgreen's after because Miss M was sick) So my purse, wallet (including 300-400 cash), and all its contents were stolen. What a mess that has been. I have no ID, no debit card, no credit card, no lip glosses, NOTHING! Thank god I had my keys and phone with me. But I'm out my 500 Coach purse, my 200 Coach wallet, the 300-400 cash (and I never carry cash, but I like to have cash when I travel and had just came back from LA), about 200 worth of MAC lipglosses, a 50 gift card, and other who knows what items. UGH. So I've been dealing with all that...

Shit Storm #2:  Miss M was sick all late last week; fever, runny nose, cough, coughing till she threw up cough, and all that jazz. She also finally cut her first set of molars, for a total of 10 teeth  now! A teething AND sick baby. So it's been real fun.  And BIG news: Kay LOST her first tooth! More on this to come...

Shit Storm #3: 2 days ago my dishwasher broke. So I've been forced to hand wash- which takes up A LOT OF TIME. Blog time. I'm in a crisis here people, and they cant come to fix it until Thursday!

I am leaving for a one day business trip tomorrow to San Fransisco, and thank god I have a passport or else I would be screwed with a capitol S. Because I have no ID, and there for would not have been able to fly. Its a very short trip (literally 24 hours) and I wont have any free time while I am there, so no blog love for a couple days. But when I return and pull my life together again I hope to post about the following:

-Miss M's 12 month update; yes she is almost 13 months now I realize this.
-How Kay lost her tooth!
-Pictures and all about my trip to LA
-Pictures from M's first birthday
-And finally losing this last 10 pounds!

Be back soon :)


Shannon said...

Oh YUCK! So sorry you are going through all that! What a PITA- and you just feel so violated! I feel your pain about the purse, the wallet, cash, and GASP the LIP GLOSS! Those lip glasses are not cheap! YAY! for new and lost teeth, how excited- did you get to play tooth fairy?
I just realized our daugters are the same age- Miss C is one week older then Miss M- we had the molars rear their ugly head about 2 weeks ago- OMG- I am so happy they finally broke the surface!
Have a safe trip!

Lisa said...

I do feel violated. Really do. I jsut hope they get caught one day because they deserve all they get coming to them!! KARMA!

I did get to play tooth fairy, and it was a lot of presure...hahaha! So exciting!!

Yes, molars are the.worst. I forgot how bad those things are coming in. Poor babies :(

Amy said...

oh wow, that sucks big time! I hope that you have a better days ahead!

I'll mourn the loss of your purse with you...and the dishwasher? that is an emergency to me!!! :)

Jamie said...

Good Gawd!!! I am so sorry that happened! I have had my purse stolen twice and it is has been an utter nightmare. I am really sorry you have to go through this!

Janine said...

I know you are not a shallow bimbo, but when you name drop and think washing dishes by hand is a tragedy, that's the impression one gets.

Amber and Brian said...

Man those are some serious shit storms! I lost my wallet, but luckily the only thing worth anything was our social security cards. blech! Someone actually found my ID in the street and returned it!