Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I decided that not to start my infertility testing until next cycle...somehow I forgot just how EXPENSIVE it is!! We have no infertility coverage what so ever and just for my initial testing (before ANY treatments can be done) its going to cost us around 1,200 dollars. Also, since yesterday was cycle day 2, I would have had to go in today and that just wasn't happening. So I will wait until next cycle for testing, and then it will probably be a cycle or two before after that we pursue anything else....I'll keep you posted as we go along!

In other news, Miss M not only cut tooth # 7 and 8, she is also getting her first set of molars!! And that's another thing I forgot, is just how hard getting molars in is....its been ROUGH around here the last few days. I guess I have a bad case of mommy amnesia because this shit is crazy! And get this, Kay looks like she is getting her big girl tooth behind her wobbly baby she's teething too! Not sure if that normal or not, but I will have to keep an eye on it. Her tooth is pretty loose, but not ready to pop out yet. I'm in teething hell I tell ya!

I am also in full on party planning mode and I just cant wait to see it all come together!! I cant wait to share pictures from her party!! I'll give  you a hint...I spent all day today hanging 150 snowflakes from my ceiling!! Yes, I am crazy!! But birthdays are a really big deal to me, and this is a very special day! Miss M's FIRST ever birthday party! Cant wait!!


Brooke said...

Just wanted you to know that my 6yr old had a permanent tooth growing in behind his wiggly one....and all is fine. The wiggly one was out in plenty of time. dd

Lisa said...

Brooke, did it fall out before the big one grew all the way in? Or did it push it out? It seems far back compared to her where her baby tooth is.

bella1021 said...

Jackson is working on Molar #4 and canine #1... that is a total of 13! he just turned 1 almost 3 weeks ago now!! we pretty muched breezed through teeth till it was molar time.. those are no joke!! Poor things!!!!!
Hope she has a FABULOUS party! sounds like fun-- can't wait to see some pictures!!!!esp of all your hard work!