Thursday, January 13, 2011

HSG Take 2

I know I said just a few posts ago about  how I was going to postpone my HSG and all my other testing until next cycle. but after talking with the nurses at my RE's office I decided to go ahead with the HSG this cycle. (if you want to know what a HSG is, go here).  The reason is that the HSG can only be done between cycle days 6-10 and cant be done during a treatment cycle, and because I only get a period every 6 weeks, it was best to just get this one out of the way.

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you know I've already had this test while seeing my RE to TTC Miss Little M. And even though I have already done it already and knew what I was walking into, I was straight trippin this time about it. This test also checks for uterine abnormalities, and since I have had a csection since the last time, it was freaking me out that something (i don't know scar tissue or something?) would make it hurt. The idea that a knife CUT THROUGH MY UTERUS and that his man is about to fill me up with dye was good reason enough to freak, right?

Well once again, it was all that worry for nothing. I lied there and watched the dye effortlessly fill up my uterus, then flow right through my tubes. My ute looked "perfect" and the whole procedure was painless! Minus a little bleeding and some cramping...Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!

So the rest of the testing will commence next cycle (cycle day 3 testing; blood work and a visit with the trusty vag cam!)

Time to get reacquainted this this guy...

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Jennifer said...

You are a better woman than I, LOL!! I was such a baby during my HSG because, OMG it HURT me so bad!! Horray for a perfect ute!!