Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Arizona Science Center

Today we went to the Arizona Science Center to see the Grossology exhibit. It was fun, and Kay learned a lot! We learned about everything and anything in the world that is gross! Bacteria, farts, bugs, poop, boogers, burps, you name it and we learned about it.

And of course even at the science center there was something to remind me of having a baby....or the lack there of. There was a whole section dedicated to how babies are made, with pictures, models of the baby at each month during the pregnancy, and then a video of a baby being born. It was great for Kay because she has been asking me for about a month now how babies are made. So it was very interesting to her. Plus she could actually see about the things I have been telling her about. For example, babies start out as small as a little seed then grow bigger and bigger until they are ready to be born. So I think she understands a little better now that she had a visual.

On the other hand it was extremely hard for me going in there, with Shelly especially. She was showing Kloey (their 6 year old) the model of the 12 week fetus and said "See this is what mommies babies look like in my tummy right now, but there's two of them in there" As she held on to her double stroller with the twins they already have. At that moment I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness, hurt, anger, frustration, and longing. I want this SO bad, I just wanted to SCREAM!!

Then it was back onto other exhibits. All in all we had a great time though. I love going there, it is always interesting!

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Michelle said...

Aww this looks like fun! I have never taken Diego or Alayna to the Science Center but I remember going when I was younger on field trips and I loved it. I really want to take them but it's so hard to pay for me, and 2 kids. Maybe one day...