Monday, June 30, 2008

The RE Called Me Today

In response to the email I sent him last Monday. Long story short, he wants to wait until we get DH's S/A results back before we make a solid plan because like I said before, that will determine what kind of treatment we need to do. About my lack of ovulation, he said not to be worried about that because they will put me on a fertility drug to induce ovulation for me. Basically the drug makes you ovulate. So nothing else for now on the baby front.

I am counting down the days until the big S/A (18 more days to be exact) Also my DH is completely freaked out by having to "give a sample" he's like "Why do I need to do this?" He does NOT want to do it! But I told him to not be freaked out, that we have to know what we are working with before we can move forward...and basically all they are asking him to do is masturbate! Shoot...that's fun compared to what I'm going to have do to get my tests done! I'll take masturbating over getting a balloon and iodine shot in my uterus any day of the week. So I am being a good wifey and trying to support and calm his nerves about it.

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Michelle said...

I hope you can calm your hubby down and good things start to happen from all these yucky tests!